A close alignment with the sports world is nothing new for KamaGames, with the social mobile poker operator adopting a number of collaborations in the world of MMA in recent times as the group seeks to capitalise on a number of carefully selected, strategic partnerships.

The most recent of these initially came to light in November 2020 as All Elite Wrestling outlined its gaming intentions via the introduction of AEW Games, which vowed to deliver  three new gaming options to fans, including two mobile titles and one console game.

Fast forward a little under five months and KamaGames was documenting the launch of the AEW Casino: Double or Nothing mobile app, which hosts ten different casino games genres, including titles in the ecosystems of slots, poker, 3D blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat and others.

In the aftermath of the news, Andrey Kuznetsov, KamaGames CEO, spoke to CasinoBeats, to firstly touch base upon why this launch was pinpointed as a necessary one by the promotion: “When you consider the potential reach, I’m confident that global sporting brands would significantly benefit from having a presence in the mobile games market. 

“Given KamaGames’ wealth of experience in this area, we were not only able to successfully bring a product to fruition with minimal risk but also tailor this product to meet and then exceed our partner’s expectations. 

At KamaGames, we seek out partnerships that are mutually beneficial to all involved”

“We are honoured to be the first game in the AEW portfolio and moving forward, we will continue to innovate in all areas of this project. 

“In fact, keeping in line with KamaGames usual practice of regular renewal within our apps, players can expect a new update to AEW: Double or Nothing as soon as next month.”

Alongside the launch, which is also said to offer fans a variety of in-game events and promotions, KamaGames says that it is already planning several updates to this collection due to be carried out over the course of the coming year; vowing a regular rollout of new features and mechanics. 

Furthermore, throughout the app, which will be featured on several TV shows in more than 100 countries, along with Twitch, Youtube, and the new All Elite Poker TV series, players will also find appearances from the promotion’s athletes.

Kuznetsov continues by taking a look at how and where he envisages this collaboration being particularly effective for the company: “At KamaGames, we seek out partnerships that are mutually beneficial to all involved while proving relevant and interesting to audiences,” he says. 

“On our end, a partnership with AEW allows KamaGames to enter new markets with a brand that audiences already know and have a connection with. Our partners, on the other hand, get an effective monetisation strategy suitable for their audience. 

“In recent years, KamaGames has capitalised on some very carefully chosen partnerships and given their success, we can’t rule out teaming up with other dynamic and modern brands from across the world in the future.”

As previously mentioned, this becomes the latest in a string of sports-based collaborations for KamaGames, with a close alignment with the Ultimate Fighting Championship adopted through partnerships with Tony Ferguson and Petr Yan.

KamaGames is always keeping an eye out for dynamic brands that will give us insights into new markets”

Touching upon why the firm has adopted such a stance, Kuznetsov elaborates: “From our years of experience, there’s a notable crossover between an audience such as AEW’s and that of a social casino audience. 

“This is given to the long-standing global popularity of the sport as so many have been fans of wrestling since childhood. Various games have been built upon the structure of this sport and given our ability to recognise and deliver on the needs of this crossover audience, we decided to reach out and partner with AEW in this area.”

To conclude, Kuznetsov takes a tentative glance forwards, and touches upon what the rest of the year has in store for KamaGames, and if we expect more in the way of sporting partnerships.

“Currently, our most pressing project is the wealth of product development we have to cover with our AEW partnership,” it is added. “As I said, players can expect the next update as soon as next month and the new games, features and mechanics won’t stop there. 

“Our priority here is to show the fans of this brand the high standard we hold our games to. Following that, our next challenge is always to exceed those standards. 

“KamaGames is always keeping an eye out for dynamic brands that will give us insights into new markets – both in and outside of the sporting world. That said, it’s too soon to discuss any potential upcoming partnerships that may come to light in 2021.”