There is a long-term trend towards mobile-first content for casino game developers, said OneTouch‘s Petra Maria Poola, who added that the rapid pace of technological change means that players are skipping the use of a desktop – even in emerging markets.

The head of business development and operations at OneTouch – a leading provider of live dealer content – added that while multi-channel optimisation remains critical too, players will likely opt for the convenience of playing on mobile even when they’re at home.

This was part of an interview for CasinoBeats in which Poola told us more about OneTouch’s latest live dealer product, eyeing up new opportunities in the Latin American markets and bringing the ultimate luxury land-based experience to players on the move.

CasinoBeats: Can you tell us a bit more about your new live dealer product?

Petra Maria Poola: The product offers a luxurious land-based casino experience to players on the move. It includes 16 roulette, baccarat and blackjack tables, all within a plush, premium quality betting area. 

Customers are given the option of multi-table betting, which isn’t possible in a land-based casino, and the product functions at a faster pace than traditional live dealer games to ramp up the excitement levels. 

Fully compatible with cryptocurrencies, the new offering provides interactive gameplay, where punters enjoying a particular dealer can stay with them while checking out other tables at the same time. 

“Our company’s founding vision was for players to be able to enjoy great games in one hand”

That interactivity can also be seen in the product’s live chat function, allowing gamblers to speak with others, even if they are betting in different casinos. 

Of course, the face-to-face conversations you get at a land-based outlet can never be fully replicated online, but our new live dealer offering represents a strong alternative nevertheless, particularly at a time when so many casinos remain shut. 

CB: How does your new product cater to VIP customers in particular? And why was Bombay Club High Roller Studio a good fit? 

PMP: The product showcases a separate VIP room with distinctive rewards and promotions that are only available to players in that category. Partnering with Bombay Club, who run a VIP live casino studio in the Estonian capital, Tallinn, allows us to bring the ultimate luxury land-based experience to players on the move.

Our company’s founding vision was for players to be able to enjoy great games in one hand, while holding the handrail of a bus with the other, and this new product brings that experience to live dealer fans including VIPs. 

CB: More generally within the live dealer market, would you say we are trending towards mobile-first content and, if so, how are you poised to exploit this?

PMP: There is undoubtedly a long-term trend towards mobile-first content. 70 per cent of our own turnover, and around 60 per cent of gambling revenues overall, now come from such devices. In emerging markets across the globe, the rapid pace of technological change means that many individuals have skipped the use of a desktop, going straight to a mobile phone. 

The spread of smartphone usage and broadband access is likely to continue that trend, and our signature combination of mobile-first designs and single-touch interactivity puts us in a uniquely strong position to tap into it. 

Multi-channel optimisation remains critical”

CB: Despite the proliferation of mobile-first content, does multi-channel optimisation remain important for developers? Has the last year or so taught us that diversification of your product portfolio is key?

PMP: Multi-channel optimisation remains critical. Last year’s lockdown restrictions forced individuals across the globe to spend more time at home, reducing demand for entertainment-on-the-move as a result. 

Having said that, being in the house doesn’t automatically mean you’ll use a desktop – players stuck at home often opt for mobile content nonetheless, because it still brings an added convenience. Throw in the fact that lockdown restrictions are gradually easing, and it’s clear although multi-channel content remains important, the future lies with mobile. 

CB: We’ve seen markets in Latin America enhance broadband infrastructure to meet the increase in smartphone usage; is this a target region for OneTouch?

PMP: Absolutely. We recently teamed up with the prominent continental operator Sellatuparley, in addition to the partnerships we’ve already signed with the likes of Jazz Gaming Solutions, a rapidly expanding regional platform provider. 

Our LatAm outreach was bolstered last year by the appointment of Unai Concha Olabarrieta as our business development officer, now business development manager. Unai brings a wealth of regional experience to the table, having impressed as Coingaming Group’s LatAm manager, so it’s fantastic to have him on board! 

CB: Can you give us a sneak peak into what lies ahead on your live dealer roadmap? What can players expect from OneTouch in 2021?

PMP: Over the next six months, we’ll be boosting the design of our premium live dealer games, with technical alterations also likely to be made at the back-end. The biggest change, however, is likely to be seen in our redesign of the lobby area. Watch this space to find out more!