Integrating the SoftSwiss Game Aggregator has been a key driver of TrustDice’s growth within the Asian gaming market, explained Daniel Lee, co-founder of Satoshi Gaming Group, allowing the crypto gaming platform to benefit from ‘thousands of casino games’ from big-name providers. 

Speaking to CasinoBeats, Daniel Lee discussed why their partnership with SoftSwiss has been so successful before touching upon the ways in which behavioural insights can help gain a more in-depth understanding of player preferences.

CasinoBeats: Firstly, can you tell us a little bit about Satoshi Gaming with the TrustDice project? What was the decision behind using cryptocurrency to accept bets?

DL: Satoshi Gaming Group is a blockchain gaming company. The team behind it is distributed around the world, we came together to build something great in the cryptocurrency world. We have launched 5+ blockchain games since 2017. 

Among them, TrustDice is a crypto gaming platform launched in 2018. It uses a unique play-to-mine mechanism: by playing games, players can earn TXT tokens. We believe that blockchain is the key technology in building a gaming platform that is truly transparent and provably fair. That’s why we use cryptocurrencies and build the platform on blockchain.

CasinoBeats: You initially partnered with SoftSwiss back in September 2019. How did this collaboration come about?

DL: The TrustDice gaming platform grew fast in 2019, and players asked us to provide more diverse types of games. We did some research on the market and then found the unique solution made available by SoftSwiss. 

The SoftSwiss Game Aggregator solution helped us to integrate thousands of casino games within only a few weeks, which requires much less technical investment than integrating each game individually and consequently results in great ROI for us. 

To be specific, SoftSwiss helped us save tons of time and money in business development, negotiation, and software development. Besides, the fee structure is quite straightforward and transparent, with no hidden tricks. I would say that TrustDice would not be able to grow so fast without the help from SoftSwiss.

CasinoBeats: How has this partnership helped you strengthen your presence within the Asian gaming market? 

DL: SoftSwiss provides games for the Asian market and shares market trends with us (e.g., top games in specific countries). With the help of these statistics, we get to know more about the players’ ever-changing interests. 

With the help of SoftSwiss, we now provide Asian players with the games they genuinely like, instead of pushing less personalized games they hardly recognize.

CasinoBeats: With the Game Aggregator solution giving your players access to games from big-name providers such as BGaming, Habanero, Evolution and Betsoft, what type of content has proved to be more popular with players? And how has this content helped drive betting volumes? 

DL: From our side, we see that live games from Evolution are popular among players, for example, Monopoly. We can see that that popular content is usually also popular on other platforms. By providing this popular content, we’re able to retain players and increase their engagement.

CasinoBeats: And finally, what are your hopes for your collaboration with SoftSwiss in the coming months? 

DL: We plan to integrate more game providers from SoftSwiss and optimise our game recommendation system alongside SoftSwiss. We also hope that SoftSwiss can provide more statistics about games and transactions. This will definitely help with our daily operations and marketing.