Lauded as a one-stop shop by its B2B clients, the SoftSwiss online casino platform creates a friendly, engaging and secure player experience by using specialised features. Alina Ziatsikava, product owner at SoftSwiss, shares insights into how the solutions provider creates added value for its clients’ players.

We consider our online casino platform to be an igaming software solution which always strives to deliver the best and most user-friendly service for our B2B clients and their end-users. So here we’d like to outline the most important features SoftSwiss onine casino platform has to offer in order to create this added value for players and make their gambling experience seamless and even more personalised. 

So what is SoftSwiss contribution to the games that bring added value to players?

Available on our platform is a large number of game providers which can be integrated into any online casino platform. However, with such a wealth of content, it’s necessary to divide these games into categories so that players are not overwhelmed. 

There are both basic and special types of games in our casinos: slots, video poker, roulette, card, poker, casual, lottery and craps… the list goes on! But the variety of types of games is not a constant value. For example, new game categories, such as crash games that originated from mobile gaming will be added to our collection soon.

We understand that a classic type division does not always help the player to choose the desirable game – especially when they have so many to choose from. To overcome this challenge, we made sure that our clients can benefit from both manual and automatic categorisation features to best suit the needs of their players.

Game categorisation can be a good way to simplify a player’s journey by helping them to find a game that they will enjoy. 

The game management module of the SoftSwiss online casino platform’s back office lets clients themselves customise the game lobby based on various criteria. An example of this is sorting by game type, where the player can choose, say, to see only poker games and select one of the games available in the category. 

To make the casino experience more player-friendly, games can also be categorised by: games with a bonus buy function, jackpot games, game theme, popular games by country and games that support cryptocurrency, just to name a few.

The game categorisation tool was designed to be completely flexible and easy to use. We wanted to create something which gives our client the opportunity to realise their bold ideas and ambitious goals. 

By using our platform, clients also gain access to more than 11,000 games, 3,000 of which support cryptocurrencies. At a time when cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly more mainstream, it is of utmost importance. 

Demos, multiview mode and recommended games

Other common, yet rather interesting features that players tend to neglect is demo mode. It is integrated specifically for player’s convenience. When the player wants to try the game before they bet, they can test out the game in demo mode. It’s not even necessary to be logged in to the player’s account. 

One of the more rather underutilised features of the online casino platform is the multiview mode. We are confident that this feature can surely help to elevate the overall player experience as it allows players to play up to four different games at the same time in one tab simultaneously. 

After reviewing the player betting history, we noticed that some bets were made seconds apart in different games by a single player. This prompted us to accommodate the gameplay experience and that’s how the multiview mode was born. The player doesn’t need to switch between tabs to track the gaming progress, it’s enough just to choose an appropriate mode (2 or 4 games), and find the desired games.

In the next few months, the platform is going to become even better. We’re currently in the final steps of releasing our games recommendation system, which will customise the player experience even further.

With the help of machine learning algorithms, casinos will be able to personalise the game lobby for every single player individually according to a player’s game preferences. 

Thanks to the adaptive SoftSwiss online casino frontend core, casino websites may be fully optimised for all types of devices (PC, tablet, or smartphone, operating on Android or iOS). This gives a player the possibility to enjoy games from anywhere in the world on any device.

The main thing they need in this case is a stable Internet connection. If a player started the game on one device, they can easily continue playing it where they’ve left off without losing any progress on another device – a truly seamless player experience.