As the globalisation of betting has accelerated, operators have developed a deeper understanding of social responsibility in new regions. 

It comes as the global focus on safer gambling was magnified during the pandemic, as consumer habits changed dramatically and the industry became increasingly digitalised. 

Commenting on the latest episode of Martin Lycka’s Safe Bet Show, Shelley White, CEO of Responsible Gambling Council emphasised her belief that “with North America and Europe having different market maturities, using the same responsible gambling messaging in each market is unhelpful”.

She added: “We have learned so much from our expansion into Asia, the UK, the US, Europe, the Caribbean, and Australia over the last few years.

“You cannot take a cookie-cutter approach to responsible gambling. You have to take into consideration the cultures, values, and beliefs of each of those countries and create responsible gambling solutions that are going to be meaningful and relevant to individuals.”

Furthermore, she continued by underlining that technological innovation is a key tool for the development of the gambling industry as operators streamline operations, develop new products and create new hardware and software. 

She said: “As the industry uses data, as the industry uses artificial intelligence and machine learning,” White remarked. “There are a number of different tools that can be used in online gambling and we need to optimise that.

“People need to be able to go into their accounts and set money limits, time limits, their wallet size, and the number of times they upgrade their wallets.

“The potential that operators have in terms of being able to identify when a player is moving from their regular play into high-risk play and being able to modulate the kind of messages they send can be very powerful.”