TVBet, a live games provider with live streaming at the core of its content, has launched two new games headlined by Andar Bahar.

Lauded as a game which is “extremely simple yet incredibly interesting and unique”, TVBet is confident that Andar Bahar will be a successful product in the provider’s lineup.

But firstly, what is Andar Bahar? It is a popular betting card game which has attracted the attention of gamblers for centuries. There are many questions surrounding its origin, but many believe that it originated in Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka in South India.

It is believed that the game stemmed from the locals’ love of playing cards, with Andar Bahar involving all travelers searching for entertainment in this process. For this reason, TVBet believes that it is the perfect addition to its portfolio.

Andar Bahar from TVBet

Despite its simplicity, TVBet explained that “this unique game is great fun”. The game is played live, 24 hours a day, and uses one standard deck of 52 cards and consists of two stages. 

In the first stage, the joker card is dealt. In the second stage, cards are dealt one-by-one to the Andar and Bahar sides alternately until a card with the same value as the joker card is dealt.

The game aims to guess whether a card with the same value as the joker card will be dealt to the Andar or the Bahar side. The game has only two possible outcomes: Andar to win or Bahar to win. The game cannot end in a draw.

Betting options

Through the addition of Andar Bahar, TVBet will be able to deliver a range of new betting options for players. The main option, the solutions provider highlighted, is to choose which side will win — Andar or Bahar. Herewith, punters may bet on the number of cards to be dealt, joker card, the color of the winning card. 

Each game includes two betting rounds for submitting standard and/or combination bet slips for participation.

Before each game, bettors can place bets on both the current game and on upcoming games. Equally, multiple bets on different games can be placed in combination on Andar Bahar and other TVBet games offered by the bookmaker to get increased odds.

In addition to winning, TVBet will also drive player engagement through a number of different features, with each game featuring up to three jackpots.