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We don’t like to fit in a box, as it’s the “only way we can think outside of it”.

A nice analogy to understand the innovative approach at Quik Gaming, described in detail by head of games Jade Pecorella as part of an exclusive interview for CasinoBeats

She tells us more about delivering the best of the land-based slots experience in a live setting, combining scheduled live draws with a single player alternative, and why it chose the unconventional presenter-free approach to eliminate the chance of human errors.

CasinoBeats: First of all, can you just explain what you do at Quik Gaming?

JP: I manage the creation and direction of the games, continuously pushing innovation the industry has not seen before and what operators would love to offer to their players to play. Together with a team of talent we evolve the ideas of game mechanics to art direction and a math modal into magical moments that keep players on the edge of their seats.

CB: Why is Quik Gaming different from other live game providers?

JP: From the start, Quik Gaming set out to create games that are different to what’s already out there. We have witnessed what slots achieved in gamification and elevated that by mixing in the live element, bringing together the best of both worlds. But we’ve taken all this a step further and created live as well as single player versions of all our games. We’re really leaving no stone unturned.

Every game we produce and launch has the live element at its core, but in a way that’s entirely different to what we’re used to seeing in game shows and live games. Since its founding, Quik’s intention has been to offer a live studio game environment without game presenters, instead integrating elements of slots and lotto to provide the ultimate entertainment experience to all players, ranging from slot players to live and lotto players.

Whether by way of our various live lotto machines or a stunning live wheel, the draw machines are all self-contained, free from any human intervention and so there’s no chance of error. The innovation adopted in the way the draws are carried out means that the integrity of the game is intact. This is what sets us apart.

Presenters are not required to anchor in conversation as the games are fast, interactive and all so absorbing for the player, that they need no one to keep a player locked in. The games are simple and engaging, and players don’t need a presenter to remind them how to play or tell them the outcome. They can simply focus and enjoy it.

We bridge the experience of different game types, creating unique content which others don’t offer. The games are fast and dynamic with multiple layers of playability – something never experienced before. We focus on placing the player at centre stage in the realm of a live casino game. Adding gamification gameplay to keep players on the edge of their seat.

CB: Using auto draw machines rather than game presenters is certainly unique; what are the pros and cons of going down this route?

JP: The magic is created through Quik’s live equipment operating from our innovative studio. Most of the magic happens in our studio based in Malta. What sets us apart from everyone else is not just what we do – but also the way we do it. 

We work in an unconventional way, using a fresh approach and breakthrough technology that guarantees transparency and automation, while our system ensures that the least amount of mishaps occur during live games.

This is because our games eliminate the chance of human error. Using a state-of-the-art lotto machine instead of a game presenter offers a heightened level of trust for players, and drastically reduces the chance of mistakes or inaccuracies. 

Presenting the draws live in our Malta studio assures that they are completely transparent. For each outcome, a live draw machine shuffles the balls for the guaranteed random amount and draws them once all bets are placed. Players will experience a build-up of excitement as they watch it draw real balls one by one, in real-time, to match their predictions.

In live studio environments, we rely on robust hardware that delivers the best player experience as well as the most compatible high-quality stream for a player to view. 

At the Quik studio, there is no room for compromise. Our set-ups aim to achieve complete autonomy with environments that are reminiscent of game shows, built on excitement, experience and expectation. Innovation is always at the forefront of our studio design and implementations, with the underlying purpose of delivering unique content to players. 

We understand that game presenters engage the players and explain the game to new players but are making sure to create tutorials and information that provides the players with all that they need.

CB: You also have the single player versions of your games; is this meant as an easy ‘way in’ for new players or just about giving more control than the live draws?

JP: The single player games are an easy introduction for our player base to understand how the game works, as they’re in control of the experience with the tap of a button. They have a Go Live button feature, exclusive to all our single player games, which will seamlessly take players to the Live game.

Both versions have the same rules and gameplay. The only difference is that, in Wheel of Fire for example, single player uses a visually rich, animated wheel, with a player in control of the timing of spins. Whereas in the live game, there is a live video stream of our custom-made wheel which spins when the timer counts down to zero.

CB: Why do you think that the overall package from Quik delivers a better blend for slots and live casino players than the traditional offering?

JP: Quik’s games are for all players, and with the single player and live games, we bring the land based experience of an exciting, familiar, slot-inspired bonus game to the live experience of casinos. Quik combines the familiar setting of the live entertainment environment with big wins and immersive bonuses, as well as familiar characters that players can relate to.

CB: And finally, what are the key goals for the company? Where do you want to be in 12 months time?

JP: Establish ourselves and the brand in the market. We have already steered the attention of several influential operators and with this we would bring the brand and our unique game offering to players to consume. This alone will give Quik Gaming the space to grow. With our new ideas and concepts in this hybrid game offering we are attracting the right attention to develop the products and get the right market positioning.

Our roadmap for 2022 includes 13 new games with a mix of live and single player, more bespoke draw machines and twists on traditional games. We want to be the company that provides a new gaming experience to all kinds of players.

We take pride in our hard work and how far we go to create an unforgettable player experience. We take innovation seriously, and our young and dynamic team is shaping the gaming industry in ways we never thought would be possible. We often get told we don’t fit in a particular box, and I think my team will agree when I say that that’s the way we like it – it’s the only way we can think outside of it.