“In today’s digital world with so many flashy and fancy ads and offers, player attention is becoming increasingly hard to retain,” explains Justin Farrugia, CEO of AretoNet, upon being quizzed by CasinoBeats on the crucial nature of engaging with players across the entire customer journey.

This follows Farrugia previously expressing a dedication to streamlining what he says can be “an extensive process,” amid asserting a strategy of offering its products “to the very best operators in the igaming sector”.

Continuing to dissect the importance of player engagement, particularly amid today’s ultra-competitive environment, he continues: “This is why tools like AretoNet have been built. 

“Our platform allows operators and marketers to engage with customers at the right time and through their preferred communication channel to have a lasting and memorable effect. 

“This can be done at all points through the customer journey and when combined with the access we are able to provide real-time, unified data, means marketers can make accurate decisions and execute interactions and campaigns exactly when they need to. 

“Operators that cannot do this will undoubtedly see an increase in churn which in turn benefits their rivals.”   

“This is just another milestone along our journey to enable and empower operators”

Moving on, Farrugia addresses how AretoNet enables customers to make better and more informed business decisions based around their customer journeys and marketing campaigns: “The way in which the customer journey touchpoints are broken down in the main dashboard provides a great high-level understanding of what the operator’s customer base is doing. 

“This is combined with interactable analytics that provide marketers with the ability to drill down further and quickly test ideas and hypotheses or tweak campaigns in real-time based on what the data is showing.  

“In addition, our platform is incredibly intuitive and can scale to allow operators to quickly and easily set up campaigns, communication channels, triggers, bonusing and loyalty mechanics to ensure their customers are engaged at the right time and with the right message. 

“Operators can also take advantage of the platform’s automation capabilities to allow their marketing teams to focus on the  creative process and planning rather than mundane and repetitive tasks.”  

Farrugia initially sat down with CasinoBeats to dissect the business intelligence and marketing automation provider’s recent collaboration with Gaming Innovation Group.

This saw GiG take onboard AretoNet’s full suite of products to supplement its data platform solution, including real-time business intelligence, marketing automation, predictive modelling and campaign execution, providing the capability to launch and trigger real-time, multi-channel marketing campaigns with full end-to-end analysis tracking.

“Our latest partnership with GiG cements our beliefs and mantra of providing the industry with a marketing platform that centralises all marketing and player behaviours into a consolidated interface that allows marketers to engage and come together,” Farrugia said on how key the link-up would be in aiding the company’s growth ambitions.

“This is just another milestone along our journey to enable and empower operators to focus fully on what should always be their number  one priority – their customers. 

“…our customers drive us to keep innovating and building features”

“Of course, GiG is a tier one platform provider behind some of the best online gambling brands in the business, and this partnership is testament to the scale and scope of our platform and its ability to help top-performing brands unlock even greater value from their marketing activity.”  

Before looking into just what benefits GiG, as well as its client roster, would feel as a result of the collaboration: “With an esteemed partner such as GiG, as well as an already highly enriched data layer from the GiG platform, clients will benefit from a seamless and fast go to market strategy with not only a great casino or sportsbook platform but the right partner to engage and retain their customers. 

“Our platform will then allow GiG and its clients to drive efficiencies and boost performance across marketing automation, business intelligence and campaign analytics for both online and retail. 

“At a time when acquisition costs continue to rise even for established and popular brands, our platform provides the ultimate solution for driving engagement while also maximising the life-time value of each player.”

To conclude, Farrugia touches upon what the remainder of 2021 and beyond has in store for AretoNet: “Whilst growth is always welcome, our customers drive us to keep innovating and building features that allow them to find new ways to engage and interact with players,” he added. 

“We have some hugely exciting features set to launch in the coming months but for now we are keeping them under wraps.”