David Flynn, Glitnor Group: KaFe Rocks comes with a lot of pedigree

“Strategically we’ve been looking at the affiliate space for quite some time now,” elaborates David Flynn, Glitnor Group CEO, when elaborating on the igaming group’s recent purchase of Malta-based igaming affiliate KaFe Rocks.

At the time of last month’s purchase, Glitnor noted that it will be a key factor in the long-term growth of the business, as well as accelerating its move into the lead generation space.

“We decided that we wanted to really expand into the affiliate space at quite a rate, and make sure that we work together with a team who really know this, and really have fantastic products and pedigree,” Flynn continues.

In addition to facilitating advanced growth in the affiliate space, the purchase of KaFe Rocks, which boasts 40 online casino and sports betting and recently celebrated its fourth birthday, also saw the US opportunity play a key role 

“So, of course, the opportunity they were looking at with regards to the United States is also of interest, so you can see the amounts of money that are being spent, perhaps not so wisely at the moment, in terms of marketing spend in the US.

“And so we wanted to make sure that we could enter into the US market in a very profitable way from day one. And indeed, we’ve actually achieved both of those goals with the acquisition of KaFe Rocks.”

Furthermore, the purchase is also lauded as enabling Glitnor to operate “across the whole value chain of casino” as well as dip its toes in sports, with KaFe Rocks complementing its B2C business, which includes online casino brands Lucky Casino and Gambola, as well as the B2B space, comprising online casino content supplier Swintt.

“They do come with a lot of pedigree, [and] from day one we’ve had some fantastic conversations, not only with the founders, but also with the management team,” Flynn adds on the deal itself.

“It’s not often that during such a process, you simply click in terms of not on the business, but also the people. And for me, it was very, very much about the culture of KaFé Rocks, which seems to fit very well with our culture at Glitnor.

“And you know, the people are so passionate about what they do, and that’s something that I always look for, whether it’s hiring a new member of the team or indeed looking at the new company.”