“If you’re looking for your next career opportunity, or if you’re kicking off an exciting new recruitment, reach out, I can help,” declares Liana Mifsud, fresh off debuting her new igaming focused recruitment agency, iTalent PLUS

The former head of HR at online gaming developer Play’n Go, where she also occupied the role of HR Business Partner during a four and a half year tenure, emphatically states that “I’ve decided it’s time for a change – a big one” after spending more than ten years across the igaming ecosystem.

“Well it’s always not easy to ‘start-up’, however I believe that after so many years in the industry, it would be a bit of a lost opportunity if I would not have given this a chance. Therefore I decided that this was the right moment,” Mifsud elaborates on the potentially daunting prospect of venturing out in such a way.

However, regarding the reasons to start a business with such a distinct focus, the decision, says Mifsud, was helped by feedback from several industry individuals.

“It was pointed out to me by various people in the industry that recruitment is definitely my strongest area,” she continues. 

“Therefore, if there was an area which I would definitely have given my best in, there would be no doubt in recruiting – for the industry which I’m familiar with. 

“Besides that, starting up on my own gives me the opportunity to engage with so many organisations, different people with different skill sets, and I also believe that I have an opportunity to keep on learning.”

“I’ve decided it’s time for a change – a big one”

Through iTalent PLUS, Mifsud, who also gained experience at Betclic Everest Group and enjoyed a two-and-a-half year stint at Exient, offers clients recruitment, administration, and learning and development services.

It could be argued that the recruitment space boasts a wave of competition, heightening the pressure for success right from the outset.

However, despite not necessarily plugging a gap in the market itself, Mifsud believes that the level of understanding gained through past experiences will help stand iTalent PLUS out from the crowd.

“Some might argue that there are too many recruiters and it is a very competitive market, which indeed might be,” Mifsud says of the current environment.

“I believe, though, that having worked on both B2B and B2C sides gives me a little bit of an edge since I get an understanding for both sides of gaming operations (operator vs vendor). 

“Also having directly worked in HR in the past gives me the possibility to understand what candidates, as well as the hiring teams, go through during a recruitment process.”  

To conclude, Mifsud addressed what the remainder of 2022 and beyond could have in store in store for iTalent PLUS: “Seeing the response and support I am currently getting, I believe that it could eventually make a name for itself and be recognised as the place to go for candidates looking to make the next step in their career, as well as for igaming companies looking to fill important positions.”