Julian Borg-Barthet, Lady Luck Games: New slot features and narratives are key for player entertainment

Lady Luck Games is proving that modern slots can keep players entertained in the long term with the launch of new features, narratives and innovative titles. That was according to Julian Borg-Barthet, the company’s Chief Commercial Officer.

In a discussion with CasinoBeats, Borg-Barthet started by reflecting on Lady Luck Games’ recent partnership with King Features which will see the two companies pair up to co-develop and distribute a range of new games which feature some of the world’s most popular comic and cartoon characters. 

He began: “What an excellent opportunity it is to partner with King Features. We signed in December last year, where we agreed a three-year co-development and distribution agreement. Such collaboration is hugely beneficial for a company like ours. 

“Our development and design teams are starting to work with King Features on three new games – PopEye, Beetle Bailey and Flash Gordon. These are some of the world’s most popular comic and cartoon characters! 

“We’re making sure that these games meet everyone’s expectations. They must be highly entertaining and deliver on exciting new bonuses and unique gameplay. We really can’t wait for these games to be released and we strongly believe that they’re going to be highly successful.”

Since joining Lady Luck Games at the turn of the year, Borg-Barthet explained that the company has already released two highly successful games – both of which have received great reviews from the industry. 

As of yesterday, Cherry Supreme and Madame Clues were also shortlisted in the CasinoBeats Game Developer Awards for best game innovation, game retro-style and game narrative.

To continue this success, the Chief Commercial Officer gave us a sneak peak into some of the titles that Lady Luck Games has in the pipeline for 2022. 

Along with new games, the game developer will focus on enhancing the overall gameplay experience with the addition of new features. This, he said, will help reaffirm the fact that modern slots can entertain players in the long term. 

Borg-Barthet added: “Since I arrived at Lady Luck Games, we have already released Madame Clues, which was a highly successful game in the market.  We also released Cherry Supreme which is a classic neon slot game. We have had great feedback from the industry on these two games, so then we ask ourselves how do we improve on that? 

“We have recently come up with an Aztec-themed slot called Treasures of Tizoc which we have been building up some market exposure around and seeing what our partners think of that particular game. 

“Like all of our games, it has fantastic graphics and sound effects. It’s also packed with outstanding features to bring entertainment value to the next level. For the first time, this game hasn’t only just got our existing feature sets, such as bonus games, respins, wilds, special symbols, sticky wins, shifting reels. 

“We have managed to implement a buy feature for the first time. Internally, this is something we’ve been gunning for. We know that VIP players love this the most, and so we wanted to make sure this feature was in one of our top new games.

“At Lady Luck Games, we’re here to prove that modern slots can entertain players in the long term and we’re hoping for the best on this new slot.”

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