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Routy has commenced on its first major funding round, as the company aims to raise €400,000 to aid its scaling up procedure. 

The raised capital is said to be used to ramp up marketing activity and to drive more awareness of Routy and how its platform can benefit both affiliates and operators. 

Haim Bell, Founder of Routy, stated: “Affiliates need to be able to access data at the user level if they are to be able to deliver a superior experience and ultimately improve revenues, and Routy has been developed to deliver just that.

“It is also vital for affiliates to be able to have all of their traffic stats in a single place, as most spend a great deal of time clicking through the portals for each of the brands they work with. This can be a full-time job for affiliates working with hundreds of brands.”

Alongside profile raising, funds will also be utilised to build and scale Routy’s sales team, and to improve the UX and onboarding.

Routy is seeking well-connected investors from within the gaming industry that can help boost the profile of the business and its product offering, and also facilitate talks with affiliates and operators that could benefit from its platform. 

Furthermore, all traffic stats (clicks, sign-ups, FTDs, revenues) from all partners are then displayed in a single portal.

“Again, Routy has been developed to provide this single point of access for all traffic stats and data, significantly reducing the resource required to manage data and ultimately revenues,” added Bell. 

“We have developed a powerful platform that is already helping affiliates, but with this funding round we are looking to scale up our sales and marketing activity to make more companies aware of how we can benefit them.”