Dutch police have carried out raids in four regions of the country as part of an investigation into alleged illegal gambling, drug trafficking and money laundering.

Following investigations and raids on houses and buildings in Soesterberg, Zeist, Vinkeveen and Rotterdam on Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 April, 2022, a total of 12 individuals have been arrested and drugs, cash, firearms, cars and administration seized.

The Netherlands police said that investigations were prompted by anonymous reports of “nuisance and deviant activity,” which included late evening and night visits to a car dealership in Soesterberg.

Further reports included limited activity at the property, luxurious lifestyle of suspects, and a perceived large amount of security cameras. 

Mayor Rob Metz of the municipality of Soest, a town in the province of Utrecht, stated: “This action was partly set up in response to reports from residents. The help of society is indispensable in the fight against subversion. Only together can we make a stand against this form of crime.” 

During a raid on April 20, as well a search of the aforementioned car dealership, a total of 12 people were arrested on suspicion of illegal gambling, including what Dutch police state are the main suspects.

These two men from Zeist, aged 29 and 57, are suspected of drug trafficking, money laundering and organising and facilitating illegal gambling meetings, with a poker table and accessories being found in the car dealership. 

In addition to the investigation in Soesterberg, searches were also carried out in the homes of these suspects in Zeist and Rotterdam. This is said to have led to various goods being seized, such as drugs, cash, firearms and thirteen cars. 

In addition to the actions of the various police services, the Ministry of Defense and Dutch Gaming Authority, the Kansspelautoriteit, were also involved. Employees of the Ksa established that illegal gambling was taking place, Dutch police confirmed.