Beyond the Reels – Upton: something edgy seems to stand out these days

SlotBeats has released its latest episode of Beyond the Reels, with Lucksome’s Voodoo Temple standing front and centre. 

Delving into the title with CasinoBeats’ Senior Reporter, James Ross, was the slot suppliers Founder and Director, Bryan Upton, who stated the firm aimed for something “slightly edgy” with the voodoo theme. 

He stated: “Something edgy seems to stand out in this day and age and voodoo is slightly edgy. You can do a lot of dark stuff with that theme. We then wanted a central character who was the main protagonist of the wins, which was the High Priestess. 

“We looked up a lot of shamans and priestesses to try and capture it, but also bring it a little bit more modern day. We did a bit of research on certain bits of art that emanated from voodoo and then pieced it together. 

“We didn’t make it authentically accurate, I’ll say that! We tried to focus on it being fun and nice to look at more than anything else so any voodo aficionados out there I’m sorry!”

Delving into RTP, within the game and in general, Upton stated that the company was “all about transparency”, noting the company is frequent in “calling out” its titles stats for players to see at any time.

“I think the RTP is important,” noted Upton. “We do two RTP variants of our games at the moment, and that’s 94.5 and 96.5 per cent in the base, but if you buy a bonus buy, in Voodoo Temple for example, then that RTP is 97 per cent, also the same in the Shadow Bet. 

“What we’re saying is, if you want to spend a little bit more with us at Lucksome, then we will give you a higher RTP in exchange for that loyalty, which I think is quite important and I believe we’re quite transparent about that.”

Upton also delved into the titles Shadow Spins mode, free spins feature, why certain symbols was selected and what the company has in store for the near future.