BetConstruct’s Elliott Banks talks European strategy and CreedRoomz

Elliott Banks, UK Regional Direct at BetConstruct, spoke with SBC at the recent Betting on Sports Europe conference about the company’s latest moves, notably its continued focus on European and global sports and its CreedRoomz live casino offering.

With so much attention turned toward the rapidly expanding US market, Banks was asked for his view on the importance of staying tuned in to the needs of the European sector. He responded: “Yes, especially in a BetConstruct Sense. You can’t lose focus on where you started. The US – it is their behemoth. Everyone is looking for their route in, how they’re going to launch and sustain that market. 

“But if you spend too much focus on one place you’re going to lose a bit of the representation that you should have for European sports, Asian sports – the rest of the global sports market. With a winter World Cup this year I think that’s a real push internally for us and to maintain our commitment to European sport.”

Turning the conversation to live casino, Banks opened up on the firm’s CreedRoomz brand, saying: “We’ve repurposed some of the internal brands – launched them again, so CreedRoomz is our live casino brand.

“We have a fantastic live studio set up which is expanding. And I think given its own entity, its own identity is really going to help with marketing that brand long-term. It’s similar to what we’ve done with our slots games and the skill gaming sections of the company.”

He added: “Giving them their own identity and just being supportive allows them to enter some markets that we might not be focusing on as a platform provider. It allows us to work with several aggregators where you’re not just taking a competitor product – you’re actually taking a complementary product which is what they are – they are complementary products. It makes it a leaner operation; it gives them less hurdles to jump through to achieve greatness, which is brilliant.” 

According to Banks, there’s a bright future ahead for BetConstruct’s live casino and slots brands. “In the ongoing success of Creed Rooms, PopOK, Pascal – this is going to be a massive year for them and it’s going to continue to grow. It’s really going to steamroll,” he said.  

On expansion of CreedRoomz into new markets, Banks commented: “We’re already licensed with a few games in the UK. We’ve got licensing for other regions. Anywhere you can take live casino, that’s where we’re going to be pushing it to.

“Who knows really what the future holds? We’re going to try our best to carry on growing that. If that means studios in different locations to fit certain markets, then providing there’s a need for it CreedRoomz will enter that no problem.”

The full interview with Banks can be viewed HERE.