Salsa inks xCite deal to ‘reshape igaming’ through web3 refocus

Salsa Technology has taken a step towards improving its user experience via its website presence as its links-up with web3-focused xCite Group

Salsa Technology has taken a step towards improving its user experience via its website presence after linking-up with web3-focused xCite Group

The partnership between the two will see the integration of web3 products, developed and implemented by xCite’s igaming subsidiary Betopia, into Salsa’s catalogue to enhance its online offerings for its B2B partners. 

Salsa Technology’s Head of Marketing & Sales, Eliane Nunes, noted: “Given the combined industry knowledge and expertise of Salsa, along with the deep understanding xCite has of web3, we have formed an ideal match of skills to expand in South America.”

The deal, which Salsa lauded as “forward-looking”, is said to reshape the future of igaming technology with the studio stating it will “evolve the industry into new territories” where users can connect across a decentralised online ecosystem. 

Working on bridging the gap between web2 and web3, xCite looks to provide alternative routes within the World Wide Web vertical where decentralisation, blockchain technologies and token-based economics are said to thrive. 

Max Jonnsson, CEO xCite Group, commented: “Salsa Technology provides an operational igaming platform that is strategically positioned in our target markets with a proven record of innovation and technological advances, which makes them the perfect partner for us.” 

Furthermore, Betmotion’s consumer audience will now be able to venture into xCite’s extended reality via the partnership for “deeper levels of connectivity”. 

Betmotion’s COO, Luis Traversa, added: “As awareness of web3 and its capabilities becomes more common, we hope to see this sentiment spread to more people across the industry. 

“From Betmotion’s point of view, we need to explore new horizons focused on UX, which has always been and will be our philosophy.”