True Geordie’s Islamophobic slur sees PokerStars collaboration terminated


PokerStars has terminated any work commitment with YouTuber, Brian ‘True Geordie’ Davis following Islamophobic remarks. 

Collaborations with True Geordie, which promoted PokerStar’s online content and live streams, will cease immediately following the YouTuber’s slurs made against controversial figure Andrew Tate

Responding to a challenge to fight Tate, Davis mocked Tate’s recent conversion to Islam on a live stream of his True Geordie channel.

Davis insinuated the stereotype that Tate should blow himself up to prove “how about that life he really is”.

Clips of the comment were widely shared on Twitter and TikTok, with audiences condemning the Islamophobic taunt against Tate.

Issuing a statement via Twitter yesterday evening, PokerStars informed its followers that the firm had “cancelled its contract with True Geordie with immediate effect.” This follows a similar decision made by sportswear apparel firm Gymshark in terminating its contract with Davis. 

PokerStars has worked with the True Geordie channel since 2020, sponsoring ‘The Showdown‘ – a live-streamed show of home poker games featuring Davis, his friends and other social media stars.

In 2021, The Showdown was renewed by PokerStars, who lauded its partnership with True Geordie, as the show’s live streams reached top trending categories on YouTube and Twitch channels, above rivals and established stars of the niche.

Davis responded yesterday by issuing an apology on YouTube, taking the blame for a “stupid comment made against a person who dislikes me”.