ComeOn Group takes WeSpin streaming product to Denmark

Image: Shutterstock

ComeOn Group is to take its WeSpin in-house developed casino streamer platform to Denmark in the first of what is set to be a number of similar such moves.

The product, which was first detailed in May 2021 with an aim of tapping directly into a new player demographic of young casino streaming enthusiasts, looks to provide such services “in a safe and protected environment in line with local regulations”.

WeSpin comprises dedicated responsible gambling features and player-funds safeguards, including pre-committed budgets and bet ranges, which serve to promote informed player decisions, and aim to drive players to a “safe and protected” offering.

Ruben Waage, Head of WeSpin, explained: “All participants in the WeSpin events must be registered customers with ComeOn to ensure that player security and care are in the high seat. 

“This will be done through top-of-the-line responsible gaming initiatives, whereby all WeSpin-related employees and streamers go through certified responsible gaming training before going live with WeSpin and facing customers.”

WeSpin stresses a primary focus on elevating “the playing experience of a regulated brand to new heights,” in addition to helping “drive more channelisation to a stable and mature market”.

As a result of this move, WeSpin and the groups’ flagship brand ComeOn will now offer this experience to the Danish market after an initial introduction to the market in 2019.

This launch in Denmark, said ComeOn, is set to be the first of its kind that the company hopes will pave the way for similar approaches for other markets in the group’s portfolio.

Juergen Reutter, Chief Executive Officer at ComeOn Group, said: “Our product strategy for WeSpin has always been to provide this service to our locally regulated markets. 

“This means that WeSpin is no different from any other product feature or marketing channel, and therefore naturally matching local regulations.

“At ComeOn, we believe that casino streaming services need to be provided in a safe and protected environment in line with local regulations.”