Ksa encouraging participants to check what kind of player they are

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The Dutch gambling regulator has issued support for a Loket Kansspel World Cup campaign that encourages individuals to discover what kind of player they are.

The reason for such a move, said the Kansspelautoriteit, is due to the heightened levels of activity that are expected to be witnessed after the men’s FIFA World Cup officially got underway this past weekend.

It is stressed by the pair that the overarching ambition of the campaign, which is primarily aimed at young people aged 18-25, is to raise awareness of the subject of gambling and the risks involved.

The test aims to enable players to recognise associated risks and keep gaming behaviour under control, and can be taken via the Loket Kansspel website  Questions include how well you as a player are able to control yourself, how strong you are should money have been lost, and if you will bet again.

Furthermore, in addition to the numerous hints and tips, such as encouragement to share your story, tips for recognising signals and podcasts of real stories, Loket Kansspel also features “six steps you can take yourself to put an end to gambling”.

This includes unsubscribing from all gambling, confiding in someone, giving someone temporary charge of finances, finding a distraction, coming up with an emergency plan getting direct help from a care provider.

Loket Kansspel contains tips, advice and information about conscious gambling and how to stop in case of problem behaviour. The Gambling Counter is one of the spending targets of the addiction prevention fund, which came about as a result of the Remote Gambling Act. Players and those around them can go to the counter for information, advice and, if necessary, referral to care in their own region.

At the end of October, the Dutch regulator warned of enforcement action and the potential of “even more far-reaching regulation” should a “new tidal wave of advertising” be witnessed as the men’s football World Cup approaches. 

During the Football spectacle, the Ksa has reiterated a warning that it is extra alert to violations of laws and regulations.