CasinoBeats talks to Sebastian Damian, Managing Director at 3 Oaks Gaming, about the inspiration behind the igaming distributor’s new jackpot product, and what we can expect from the burgeoning content supplier in 2023.

CasinoBeats: You have recently added a jackpot product to the 3 Oaks Gaming promotions tools offering, why was this decision made?

Sebastian Damian: Launching a jackpot product was a major goal for us in 2022, stemming from our desire to expand our promotional tools offering and allowing us to cover all possible styles of gamification.

Feedback from our stakeholders plays a major part in what we create, and we listened to players and operators alike to ensure our arsenal was expanded with a product they wanted.

CB: It could be argued that this is a rather bold decision given the influx of such offerings within the space, what would your thoughts be on this? And how does this differ from options already available?

SD: Creating a fantastic user experience is a vital element of what we do, and we pride ourselves on delivering exciting, bold content. 

We undertook comprehensive market analysis and aimed to offer the best solution and high-quality service. Above all else, our product was designed to ease the hassle of the organisation of jackpot campaigns on behalf of operators.

We run jackpot simulations based on operator data and therefore can offer the best solution for our customers. In addition, our jackpots can be used as a standalone promotional tool for short-period campaigns, or in tandem with other promotions, such as tournaments or series.

“Creating a fantastic user experience is a vital element of what we do”

CB: On this issue of differentiation, does 3 Oaks have any plans to either tweak, refresh and introduce anything fresh within the jackpots space moving forward?

SD: Without giving too much away, we’ve got plenty of ideas of what we want to do. From improving standard visual components and the UI, right through to adding animations and more, we are eager to discover ways to drive further engagement, but this is something we look forward to revealing in due course.

CB: It’s been quite the first full year for the company, and we still have plenty of time to make noise. If you cast your mind back over the past 10 months, how would you assess things? Anything you would do differently?

SD: We pride ourselves in our flexibility and agility, responding swiftly to market moves, and we’re proud of what we have achieved so far. We’ve signed numerous commercial deals with major brands in the industry, and our games portfolio has expanded considerably. Among our other highlights are receiving numerous certifications, including the Isle of Man, Bulgaria, and most recently, Italy

Jackpots is the first expansion to our existing collection of promotional tools and it’s been a very good start for us, but there is still so much news yet to come in this space alone. We still have plenty of ideas to deliver in the near future, so watch this space!

CB: What can we expect heading into 2023?

SD: Next year we’re expecting to just keep hitting more and more milestones! We’re going to roll out a number of new features, which we’re really confident can bring something exciting and new to the market.

In addition, there will be a steady stream of high-quality games and mechanics, with us really putting players first. This will be further deepened by UI/UX updates, while of course, getting more licences to operate within regulated markets so that a wider audience of players can enjoy the content in our portfolio.