As we approach the festive period, we’re often reminded that this is a time for giving. Whether that be presents, charitable donations or even the gift of time spent doing something.

Christmas is also a time when charities need all of the support they can get. In part two of Doggo Casino’s new ‘dog-useries’, the work of the Association for Abandoned Animals is placed in the spotlight.

The video begins by looking at the seasonal trends in donations to the Malta-based shelter, with the volunteer explaining that the provision of food, bedding and dog toys can often depend on the time of year. 

Unsurprisingly, the most popular time for people to donate to the charity is at Christmas – a time which is often associated with ‘giving’ and social responsibility.

The volunteer explained: “It depends on the weather and even the time of year. When it’s closer to Christmas, people tend to be more focussed on others sometimes, so we will often receive more donations of bedding, food etc. We get fewer donations in the summer months. 

“We cannot complain though, because we exist. We do what we do because people support us. Their support means that we are able to feed the dogs and are able to provide them with better veterinary care and medications. 

“The only way we can do this though is due to the help we receive from others. We wouldn’t be able to do this without them.”

Doggo Casino, supported by Double Up Group, has been conducting this series of videos to raise awareness of local shelters and re-homing initiatives across Malta. 

The video soon focussed on one particular resident dog which had been rescued by the AAA charity. The volunteer explained that the donations received by the shelter had been used to nurse the dog back to health – but stressed that without the support of wider donations, this may not have been the case.