Ambitions of carving out of path that will enable “a big splash” to be made across the industry is the overarching aim of Golden Whale Productions during the 12 months that lie ahead, voiced COO Claudia Heiling.

The company, which is less than one year old, is billed as a “next-generation gaming infrastructure supplier that brings data science and machine learning applications into practical use,” and is headed-up by former Greentube CEO Eberhard Dürrschmid who occupies the same role at the firm.

Shedding a little more light onto the focus of Golden Whale, Heiling begins: “In short, our software system enables the integration, modelling and orchestration of large data sets for industrial machine-learning tasks. 

“Our ultimate goal is to take player retention to the next level, allowing gaming companies to maximise lifetime values. Our system greatly reduces the time it takes to generate insights and learnings from data and then for companies to apply them to their products. 

“Ultimately, we believe this will change the way games and game systems are built and operated.” 

Moving on, a pathway that begins with curiosity before travelling down the avenues of disbelief and ultimately excitement is detailed, as Heiling touches on the challenges encountered by a newer group entering the industry.

“It’s now time to really push the boundaries with machine learning and data science”

“Golden Whale has entered the market at just the right time with the first wave of machine learning companies having laid some early foundations for the role this incredible technology can play right across the industry,” it is said.

“It’s now time to really push the boundaries with machine learning and data science within the area of platforms and game systems, and that’s exactly what we’re doing at Golden Whale.”

With a number of gaps being identified that need to be plugged as the landscape continues to change, Heiling heaps praise of an experienced team in helping maintain the direction that is being pursued by the group.

However, the necessity of keeping on top of the latest developments amid the pace that machine learning and data science are moving forward is cautioned, with consistent improvements and enhancements having to be undertaken as a result of outside influences.

With the group itself noting that “we create tools that convert gaming companies into learning companies,” Heiling continues by elaborating on this process and what a company could expect to discover.

“From day one, we’ve focussed on developing products that directly interact with customer behaviour and the player experience across different levels of product. 

“Golden Whale can help businesses drastically speed up the process of understanding and improving their product”

“This is to build on existing machine learning and data exploration tools available within the market, tools that companies have used to drive efficiencies and greater profits by gaining new insights from outside of the organisation to highlight areas of improvement across their various systems. 

“But to make full use of the insights derived from these machine learning tools, models have to be connected to the production system in real-time with the resulting feedback loops designed in a smart way. This is where our decades of experience in building broad-scale gaming systems comes into play. 

“The system that we’ve developed ingests and organises data in the most optimal way for machine learning use and orchestrates model building and the connection back to the production system in a way that no other system has done before. 

“When you combine this with the huge number of use cases within an online gambling organisation, it’s clear to see how Golden Whale can help businesses drastically speed up the process of understanding and improving their product based on the data they have at their fingertips.”

Looking ahead, Golden Whale has voiced much excitement at the road that lies ahead, with a swathe of customer launches and packed product roadmap, as well as “many interesting projects and a bank of case studies and real-life results that we’re eager to share,” ended Heiling. 

“We’re really excited about the next 12 months, and for Golden Whale to make a big splash across the industry.”