SkillOnNet integrates BGaming content ‘that will engage and delight’

“This deal comes on the back off a year of phenomenal growth” noted a BGaming that is aiming to maintain that momentum, with SkillOnNet the first in what it is hoped will be a wave of commercial tie-ups. 

This will see customer’s of the latter gain the option to integrate the entire range of the igaming content supplier’s slots, which provide a further boost to the SkillOnNet online casino suite.

“BGaming really has its finger on the pulse when it comes to current trends in gaming,” stated Jani Kontturi, Head of Games at SkillOnNet. 

“Crash-style games are now hugely popular in many of our key markets, and games like Jogo Do Bicho highlight the importance of tapping localised regional content as markets like South America open themselves up. 

“This is not just a portfolio of really good games, it’s content that will engage and delight old school gamers and emerging demographics alike.”

Games available include localosed offerings such as Jogo Do Bicho, which has its origins in the street lottery-style ‘numbers’ games and sees players select their preferred bet from a variety of different betting modes and choose from a grid of 25 colourful animal characters. If your animal is in one of five boxes at the end of the round, you win. 

In addition, operators will also be able to utilise the SpaceXY crash games, with players charged with placing bets as a rocket ship shoots into the sky, picking up multipliers as it climbs higher. Players must decide whether to cash out early to play it safe or risk crashing and burning for a greater potential reward.

Yulia Aliakseyeva, Co-Chief Product Owner at BGaming, added: “This deal comes on the back off a year of phenomenal growth and new market expansion for BGaming, and we’re delighted to further bolster that growth with SkillOnNet. 

“We feel we’re both on the same page when it comes to casino gaming, with a commitment to content that offers something dazzling, diverse and different. So it’s a great fit for us, and we hope it’s the beginning of a very productive partnership.”