Tereza Melicharkova, Head of Marketing at Swintt
Tereza Melicharkova, Head of Marketing at Swintt

This year has been a busy one for Swintt – with new markets and slot titles and even the launch of its new aggregation platform, SwinttStudios. And according to Tereza Melicharkova, Head of Marketing, this is only the beginning with a jam-packed schedule already planned for the remainder of 2023.

In a chat at the recent CasinoBeats Malta, Melicharkova began the discussion by reflecting on the first few months of 2023 as she reeled off the new markets that have found themselves on the Swintt expansion roadmap.

While Europe has been a priority for the developer, that’s not to say that Swintt isn’t looking further afield when it comes to extending its global footprint. She said: “Swintt is truly focused on entering new markets – that’s really our focus for this year.

“We have already had a very successful year in 2023, as we expanded our presence in the Netherlands and are already showing to be very successful in the Baltic region.

“The UK market is also a very important focus for us right now. We received our licence for this market et the end of the last year and are looking at launching games as soon as we can.

“We are also looking at the Ontario market. That’s a big focus for the whole team and we’re super excited about entering North America. We’re looking at the US – entering this market may take a longer time than the industry anticipated at the beginning, but it’s definitely a huge focus for us.

“Then we’re also looking at the Greek and Romanian markets, we’re penetrating the market in Serbia. So as you can probably tell, we’re incredibly busy at Swintt!”

The conversation soon turned towards SwinttStudios. For those unfamiliar with the brand, SwinttStudios is an aggregation platform that prides itself on its “highly innovative and exceptional offering that brings some of the highest quality studios to the SwinttPlatform”.

For Melicharkova, SwinttStudios is bringing something new to the table – offering commercial, marketing and product support that hasn’t previously been available for boutique studios.

She continued: “We are very happy about upgrading our platform which will enable us to serve our operator partners in a much better, quicker way. We are also excited about helping smaller studios that don’t have technical, commercial or marketing support.

“We came up with an idea of a business vertical where we can effectively support boutique, small studios to implement the great ideas for games – essentially bringing their vision into reality. We are supporting these studios with technical integrations via our platform.

“At Swintt, we have a great account management team who is really pushing these games and showcasing just how great they are for operators. You can find some fantastic SwinttStudios games in our lobby, which is really very demanding for any studios to run the commercials in the best way.

“We try to help from the marketing perspective as well. Any game that is going to market, our team makes sure that every single operator knows about the game in the best possible way. They will know exactly why the game is unique, why they should push that game as part of their online casino offering and why players will love that product.”

Looking forward to the remainder of this year, new markets and the development of SwinttStudios will be a primary focus.

However, that isn’t to say that the developer will be shifting away from its own in-house content. According to the Head of Marketing, we can expect some big titles in the pipeline – with a collaboration with a certain celebrity making a comeback.

Melicharkova concluded: “New markets really are the main focus for us so that we can make sure we can serve our games to players around the globe. We want our games to be available for players because they love playing them – so that’s the ultimate goal.

“On the product side, SwinttStudios will be where much of our focus is placed, although we will still continue to innovate when it comes to our own in-house content too. For our in-house content, we are not flooding the market with volumes of content but we are making sure that these games are of the highest possible quality.

“For our future products, we will be launching Electric Elements very soon. We’ve been very excited about this game; it will feature cascading reels with five different modes during the free spins round.

“As you’ve also seen in the past, we had a collaboration with Vinnie Jones where we launched The Crown. We’re super excited to announce that this collaboration will be extended, and we’re in the process of launching two new titles which will come later this year. I can’t tell you too much about this yet, but I can say that there are exciting things to come.”