Tribal tumbles secure Slot of the Week for Relax Gaming

SlotBeats has been hunting through the jungle to discover hidden treasure playing Relax Gaming’s recent slot title Ancient Tumble, which clinched the latest Slot of the Week award through an abundance of free spins features. 

With players hoping to gain access to one of the game’s four free spins game modes, Ancient Tumble showcases a 6×6 reel slot with 46,656 ways to win and a maximum win of up to x10,000 the player’s wager. The game has high volatility with an RTP of 96.1 per cent. 

Shelley Hannah, CPO at Relax Gaming, stated: “Ancient Tumble is the most feature-packed game in the entire Tumble series and we are absolutely thrilled to finally unleash it upon players. This highly anticipated release has been earmarked as our game of the year, and we can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction.

“We wanted to develop and deliver a game that offers audiences the ultimate power of choice when it comes to features, and we feel that this title offers that and so much more.”

In this game, stone blocker symbols will also appear on every spin, blocking winning combinations from being formed. 

However, when wins are formed a tumble feature will occur, causing the winning symbols to disappear after providing their payout to make way for new symbols that drop in from the top of the reels. 

Winning symbols will also destroy any stone blocker symbols that are adjacent to them when a tumble feature occurs. This allows for more symbols to drop into play, increasing the number of ways to win for that spin. 

If players manage to destroy every single stone blocker symbol on one spin, they will gain access to one of the game’s several free spins features. 

Stone blocker symbols can also reveal special symbols when destroyed, including unbreakable wilds, represented by gold tribal heads, which destroy any paytable symbol that sits below it after every winning tumble. These wilds cannot destroy stone blocker symbols or other unbreakable wilds. 

If all stone blocker symbols on one spin are destroyed by winning tumbles, players will gain access to one of four free spins features, each offering an initial six free spins. 

Players are taken deep into an ancient tomb and presented with four doors to choose from, each representing the different free spins game modes. 

The first door offers the coin spins feature, in which between three and 14 coin symbols are guaranteed to appear on every spin. These coins will display monetary values ranging from x1 to x25 the player’s stake. 

Throughout the coin spins, winning tumbles can unlock coin symbols as they are revealed behind stone blocker symbols. Each coin that is revealed will award its displayed prize value at the end of each spin. 

Furthermore, coin multiplier symbols can be displayed behind stone blocker symbols, awarding a multiplier between x5 and x25 that will be applied to any coin wins that occur on the same spin. 

The second door offers a classic free spins feature, in which blue extra spin stone blockers can appear, awarding between one and three additional spins when destroyed.

Red multiplier stones can also appear, awarding multipliers between x1 and x3 when destroyed. These multipliers will be applied to any wins that occur on the same turn. 

The next door awards a colossal free spins feature, where paytable symbols can appear on the reels with sizes of 2×2, 3×3, 4×4 or 5×5. At least one colossal symbol is guaranteed to appear on every spin in this game mode. 

Lastly, a multiplier ladder free spins is available on the final door, in which every win that occurs progresses the player up a multiplier ladder. This ladder will apply its current multiplier to any win that occurs, starting at x1 and reaching x100 after 30 wins occur in total. 

Reaching x10, x20 or x50 will award one additional spin, while achieving x100 will award two extra spins.

Moreover, in the base game, random spins can become golden spins, with each stone blocker symbol turning gold and the win potential increasing significantly. If all golden stones are destroyed by tumble wins, the super free spins game mode will be activated. 

The super free spins game mode combines all features from the four separate free spins game modes, offering colossal symbols, the multiplier ladder, coin wins and the additional spins and multiplier stone symbols. 

If readers would like to try Ancient Tumble for themselves, they can click here to be directed to Relax Gaming’s official website.