Kansspelautoriteit increases fines for illegal gambling kiosks

Euro fine
Image: Shutterstock

The Dutch gaming authority, Kansspelautoriteit, has increased its fine policy for those offering gambling kiosks illegally.

Updating policy rules that have stood since 2014, basic fines have been raised by the gaming authority from €7,500 to €20,000 per device, to €25,000 to €100,000 per device.

The KSA describes a gambling kiosk as a “device that allows gambling on location” and that they’re sometimes referred to as an “internet kiosk or football kiosk”, adding that the games of chance featured are “almost always illegal”.

According to the gaming authority, slot machines don’t fall under the term gambling kiosk as they require an operating or presence permit. However, they noted that the number of gambling kiosks is increasing and that mobile devices such as laptops and telephones have an increasing share in the devices used.

The KSA added that administrative fines imposed “consist of a fixed fine amount per device found used in gambling” and that it doesn’t matter whether “the device is used entirely or partially” as a gambling kiosk.

Fines can also be adjusted based on other conditions at the location of the kiosks, for example, the fine amount would be increased if an earlier warning or a previously imposed fine was given or if underage gambling is taking place.