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Marinos Shiapanis, CEO and Co-Founder of Athens-based igaming operator Campeόn Gaming, explains how the company seeks to grow across European markets through the use of both partnerships and creating personalised experiences for players.

In the fiercely competitive landscape of the igaming industry, establishing and nurturing meaningful partnerships is crucial for sustained success. At Campeόn Gaming, this principle lies at the heart of our strategy, particularly in the diverse and dynamic European market. Our approach is rooted in thorough market research, strategic collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of differentiation. By understanding market weaknesses and leveraging the strengths of our partners, we position ourselves to surpass industry trends and challenges.

Building Partnerships Through Strategic Market Research and Effective Collaboration

Marinos Shiapanis
Image: Campeon Gaming

Our strategy begins with meticulous market analysis. By understanding the intricacies of the market and evaluating the competition, we identify areas where our brands can excel. This comprehensive approach allows us to tailor our strategies to meet the unique needs of each market. Importantly, this process is not limited to internal evaluations; it extends to a collaborative effort with our partners.

We engage in in-depth discussions with our casino, payment and sportsbook partners to strategise on how to differentiate ourselves from other operators. This collaborative process ensures that we collectively work towards achieving our common goal of providing personalised and immersive experiences that cater to our players’ preferences and needs. 

Our strong portfolio of partnerships is built on the pillars of transparency, trust, and agility, which we believe are essential for fostering long-lasting relationships. By staying ahead of the curve and aligning our motives and goals, we can provide the best possible solutions for our brands.

The success of our partnerships is measured by evaluating the involvement of our partners in meeting our needs and their engagement with our brands. A key indicator is how well partners can bring innovative and effective solutions to the table, customised each time regarding the market and trends. We highly value their industry insights, forecasts and suggested approaches, as these elements are crucial in helping us remain among the top operators in the industry.

Whether it’s through flexible payment solutions or fresh and engaging casino games, their contributions help us maintain our competitive edge. The responsiveness of our partners to player feedback and their ability to adapt and innovate are critical factors that drive our success in the market.

Catering to Diverse Demands Across European Markets through Personalization

The European market is characterised by its diversity, with players from different countries exhibiting varied cultural preferences and demands. Understanding these differences is crucial for delivering a personalised gaming experience. Personalisation is at the core of our strategy, as we aim to provide customised and localised content that resonates with players in each market, both through our operational services and with the help of our partners.

To cater to these diverse demands, we focus on delivering the most desired payment solutions and casino games, complemented by specific and special offers tailored to each market. Flexibility and agility are ingrained in our DNA, allowing us to quickly adapt our strategies and campaigns if our initial approach does not meet the market demands effectively. This adaptability ensures that we remain responsive to the evolving needs of our players and markets.

Combining Our In-house Solutions Platform & Partnerships For Effective Business Presence Across European Markets

One of the key features that set Campeόn Gaming apart from the competition in the European market is our diverse portfolio of payment and casino partners, coupled with our immersive in-house solution platform. Being operators ourselves, we have a deep understanding of the demands and challenges faced by operators in the market, and specifically the European. This insider knowledge enables us to develop highly relevant and effective solutions.

Our in-house platform is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence. It offers a range of features that cater to the diverse needs of our partners, ensuring that they have the tools and support necessary to succeed. The platform’s flexibility and adaptability make it a valuable asset for operators looking to enhance their offerings and stay competitive in the market. Our in-house platform, combined with our operational services and strong partnerships portfolio is considered a one-stop-shop, capable of bringing to life a brand.

Looking Ahead: 2024 and beyond

As we look ahead to the rest of 2024, readers can expect exciting developments from Campeόn Gaming. One of the significant milestones on our agenda is our entry into the Estonian market. This new venture presents a challenging yet exciting opportunity, allowing us to explore new possibilities and expand our reach. 

In addition to entering new markets, we are also focusing on more personalised strategies and practices for both our brands and our in-house technology. This commitment to personalization ensures that we continue to deliver exceptional experiences to our players and partners. Our ongoing efforts to innovate and adapt to market trends will keep us at the forefront of the igaming industry.


At Campeόn Gaming, building meaningful relationships with our partners is a fundamental aspect of our strategy. Through comprehensive market research, collaborative efforts, and a commitment to transparency and personalisation, we have established a strong foundation for success. Our holistic approach to measuring success, understanding market demands, and delivering innovative solutions sets us apart in the European market.

As we continue to grow and evolve, we remain dedicated to providing exceptional value to our partners and players. Our entry into new markets and ongoing focus on personalization are testaments to our commitment to excellence. We look forward to an exciting future filled with new opportunities and continued success.