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Casino technology and systems provider Win Systems has showcased its latest ‘unique’ roulette system for the first time, at an exclusive Casino di Venezia event.

With customer satisfaction placed at the heart of its design process, ‘Gold Club Knockout’ heightens a players chance of success, by eliminating numbers on the roulette wheel that have already come out.

The innovative system can be adapted to any of the Gold Club roulette systems, with an improved graphical user interface and LCD touch screen monitors aimed at making gameplay much easier for all customers.

Win systems products currently power 70,000 slot machines across 270 casinos in excess of 17 countries worldwide, with Gold Club Knockout the latest in along line of fresh products rolled out over the course of 2017.

Eric Benchimol, CEO of Win Systems, said: “Friday’s event was a great success and the perfect opportunity to unveil the spectacular, innovative roulette system, Gold Club Knockout, which will revolutionise the table games market.

“We always aim to improve our customer experience, and the Knockout system is aimed at maximising excitement by providing players with a better chance of success.

“With improved technology, the system’s adaptability is yet another sign of our commitment to developing the best products available on the market, which appeal to the regular and occasional casino player.”

Amongst the attendees at the Venice held event were head of the city’s mayoral office Morris Ceron, leading names from the local gaming industry and senior Win personnel.