US sports betting personality Robert “Big Rob” Gorodetsky has been banned from a number of big-name casinos after an illuminating interview with USA Today Sports revealed some of his tactics.

Both MGM Resorts and William Hill have reportedly indicated that they are no longer offering sports betting services to Gorodetsky, who admitted to running an online handicapping website in the interview. The site offers monthly packages of picks for subscribers who pay $500 a month or $1000 for three months. Gorodetsky placed more than $27 million in bets with Hills in 2017 alone, according to a financial statement from the company.

Gorodetsky also showed USA Today text messages discussing sports betting with Damon Jones, a former NBA player who now works as an assistant with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

NFL players are barred from placing bets on league games, but not on other team sports such as baseball.

Similarities have been drawn between Gorodetsky and “Vegas Dave” Oancea. Oancea was indicted on federal charges last year for allegedly using fake social security numbers at casinos in an effort to dodge taxes. Commenting on the situation, Gorodetsky said: “I’m banned for life basically from Vegas. My life is over basically, but nothing I can do.”