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Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) has become the first independent testing lab to be accredited by the Ohio Casino Control Commission (OCCC), to test and certify skill-based amusement machines (SBAM) in the state.

Kevin P. Mullally, GLI’s vice president of government relations and general counsel, commented: “We are extremely pleased that the Ohio Casino Control Commission voted in favour of accrediting GLI as the first independent laboratory certified to test skill-based amusement machines.

“We look forward to continuing our work with the Commission to implement the provisions of the skill-based amusement device law passed by the Ohio legislature in 2015. We are committed not only to serving the needs of the Commission but to providing suppliers of SBAMs and operators with outstanding value and customer service.”

According to the OCCC rules governing SBAM’s, before an independent testing lab is certified, it must undergo an investigation by the commission to determine its competency and qualifications to conduct such tests.

An investigation covers areas such as corporate structure, policies and procedures, experience and expertise, staffing and equipment, and demonstrated skill in conducting testing to the appropriate standards.

Represented GLI at the Commission meeting, senior engineering manager Andrew Baran, added: “We have put a lot of effort into ensuring that our team is prepared to fully meet the needs of the skill game market in Ohio. We appreciate the diligent manner the Commission is taking in ensuring testing labs are fully qualified and we are proud of the intensive effort we are putting into this project.”

Under new rules governing SBAM’s, taking effect April 23, the OCCC outlines three categories of skill-based games that fall under its jurisdiction:

  • Category A games do not enable a payer to receive a prize as a reward with the exception of free replays (e.g. pinball and arcade-style games).
  • Category B games involve a player using skill to obtain a prize wholly contained within the machine (e.g. crane and claw machines).
  • Category C games allow players to redeem tickets, vouchers, or tokens awarded from the machine to obtain a prize (e.g. games usually found at family entertainment centres and similar establishments).