If the measure of an igaming exhibition is the buzz (or not) of the show floor at the start of the final day, then iGB Live must be considered to be in good health.

In truth, to most exhibitors, the transfer of EiG – Clarion’s autumn B2B showpiece, held for the last four years in Berlin – to Amsterdam will have barely been noticed, yet there has undoubtedly been a change from prior iGaming Super Shows. The B2B portion of the Hall 8 floor at RAI is bigger and busier and this morning, on the exhibition’s second and final day, the floor is undeniably busy – certainly compared with prior years.

Last night’s networking party at Club Panama on the city’s waterfront was a typically heady affair with many continuing the ‘networking’ until the early hours. The Novotel, a popular event hotel, saw the igaming sector holding court in its bar until the skies began to lighten once more.

And yet here they are – and in numbers, too. Is EiG gone? In a material sense, yes. Is it here in spirit? Kinda – certainly a number of companies have been loyal to the organisers and migrated their marketing spend to Amsterdam.

The majority will surely have found it a worthwhile move.