Isle of Man based gaming content giant Microgaming is celebrating the first anniversary of its Sixty Two titled headquarters, with the burial of a time capsule on site.

Various members of staff gathered alongside the organisations chief executive officer John Coleman this week, as the capsule was placed underneath the building’s entrance.  

Set to be opened in thirty years time, Microgaming details that the capsule contains a plethora of “unique momentos,” gathered from a number of suggestions by staff to commemorate numerous significant events for the company.

Amongst those placed in the capsule, “vacuum sealed and specially treated to prevent the items tarnishing,” are a series of images showcasing Microgaming highlights, such as staff volunteer days, awards and the first group photo taken at the new offices when the building opened in July of last year.

Furthermore a PlayItForward volunteer’s shirt in honour of the company’s CSR initiative is also included, as are a number of local and international articles from the last year, including Sixty Two being named one of the top ten coolest offices of 2017.

Coleman commented: “It is incredibly important for us to mark our first year at Sixty Two. This time capsule captures a snapshot of our campus, our staff and the amazing culture we have fostered here on the Isle of Man for future generations to look back on.

“Most importantly, this moment serves as a reminder to our future selves of our unique heritage and the people who have made this building more than just a place to work – it is truly a campus to be proud of.”

The five storey office building is now home to in excess of 300 employees, growing from its 231 when first opened, with the second office on the island allowing “for the rapid expansion of Microgaming”.