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Catena Media has continued its strong 2018 momentum achieving a significant revenue boost for the period, with it reporting an increase of 73 per cent from the previous period.

The momentum reflects the firm’s continued desire to grow into new regions, with it placing a key focus on diversifying its verticals into the US market. Updating investors, the firm emphasised that moving forward it’s looking to become established as a media platform in the States, mapping out its ambition to ‘up its game’ in the region’.

Group CEO of Catena Media, Per Hellberg commented: “In May, the Supreme Court declared to regulate the sports betting industry in the US, opening up for a huge new igaming market. Catena Media already provides new operators with quality leads in New Jersey and we are investing for a future with increased player influx and revenue. All the while, we intend to stick to our global game plan – developing the igaming and financial services verticals through increased organic growth and acquisitions.”

Further affirming its stance to progress in the US, the group has placed a key focus on its media offering in the country, recruiting former GAN executive Michael Daly, to lead its North American expansion as US General Manager.