Comtrade Group’s EDIT summer school has welcomed its 22nd generation of young software developers and future IT professionals, providing them with opportunities to develop their skills through hands-on work.

Since 1996, EDIT – short for Education for Innovative Thinkers – has been inspiring innovation and enabling students to lead projects, experience the dynamics of teamwork and prepare them for future career in IT.

EDIT has grown to become the largest summer programme for information technology in southern and eastern Europe.

This year, participants had a task preparing a visual transparent presentation of casino operations happening in real time. They developed a visual map of the casino layout and implemented a wide range of analysed quantitative data so that the casino management would have an instant look at business operations.

“The key thing was to demonstrate a clear graphical user-friendly interface, and figure out which big data to show while using agile methodologies of development since they were very limited by time,” said Jan Grilanc, a mentor to a group of students in Maribor, Slovenia.

To date, around 30 per cent of EDIT participants continued their career path with Comtrade. “EDIT is a rare and unique moment for students to experience actual work life,“ said Aleš Gornjec, general manager of Comtrade Gaming. “It is an excellent starting point in career path for these talented candidates and a great opportunity for Comtrade Gaming, to recognise and coach them.

“We offer students to work on projects and topics based on current trends in information technology and an opportunity for a long-term relationship with Comtrade Gaming.”

The EDIT summer school is organised region-wide in seven cities in Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Ireland, attracting more than 100 talented students from technology high schools and universities.