Global Gaming Affiliates has launched new sick-pay compensation initiative, the first of its kind within the online gaming affiliate sector.

The scheme means affiliate partners can receive up to three months of commission, based on an account’s last six months of earnings, if they are unable to work due to a serious illness or other event.

The move stresses Global Gaming’s commitment to developing and maintaining strong relationships its affiliate partners, offering them peace of mind in the event they are forced to take time off work.

Elaine Gardiner, head of Global Gaming Affiliates, said: “We’re really excited to launch our new sick-pay initiative, something that is completely new to the affiliate industry.

“When we launched Global Gaming Affiliates earlier this year, we placed great focus on developing close relationships with our partners and making them feel like an extended member of the team.

“We’re sure this new feature will be very beneficial to our partners and make us an attractive program to work with,” said Gardiner.

The program enables affiliates across Europe to work in conjunction with Global Gaming to promote its products, including its flagship Ninja Casino brand.