FunFair Tech: Major milestones, game changing launches and global growth

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It has been a busy period of late for decentralised blockchain casino platform provider FunFair Technologies, with new appointments, the launch of FunPass and the introduction of CasinoFair creating a healthy dose of optimism.

The organisations founder Jez San, fresh off the back of an appearance on the “Blockchain Roadblock” panel at last month’s CasinoBeats Summit, has been speaking to CB about these developments, and what exactly are the short and medium term goals for both FunFair and CasinoFair.

“It’s important to note that we are still primarily a B2B company, and this will continue to be the group’s priority”

CasinoBeats: How integral was the launch of CasinoFair for FunFair Technologies?

Jez San: “CasinoFair is a major milestone on the FunFair roadmap. It’s the first live use case of our platform, now available to a global audience, and the first truly fair online casino in the industry.

“It’s important to note that we are still primarily a B2B company and this will continue to be the group’s priority, but having a live, direct to consumer operation offers us so many learnings for this side of our business, in terms of the marketing requirements of future partners and the player behaviour that we can craft our platform around.”

CB: Could you provide a little more information about the FairChecker feature? Why is it so important?

JS: “FairChecker is the productised extension of our provably fair technology. The feature gives players at CasinoFair, and future partner casinos, an ergonomic means of checking whether what they are seeing is exactly as it should have been.

“In-game, this means a non-intrusive, but clear, icon on-screen that players can click on to access the history of game events from that session. They can see what was staked, won and lost, on each round of betting, and whether it was verified by the smart contracts that ensure that both house and player can’t cheat.

“Once the game session ends, this schedule is then saved to the blockchain and accessible within their accounts page on site. Saving the session to the blockchain allows players to delve into the data and ensure that the RNGs and outcomes were correct and ultimately, provably fair.

“Traditional operators currently need to be trusted that their random gaming events are fair. There is no way of checking that they were because actions are processed on private servers, hidden from the players view. FairChecker removes this opaqueness and brings full peace of mind to the player.”

“…We hope to deploy CasinoFair and other partner casinos in as many of the major global gambling hubs as possible”

CB: It was stated that the launch is to initially be to a limited number of markets, why is this? And are there plans for a roll-out across an increasing number?

JS: “Although we’re extremely confident in the technology and its viability from launch, CasinoFair is very much a first generation of the type of casino that the FunFair platform will eventually be able to offer.

“To this end, the decision was made to start with a select few territories that have a propensity to gamble and have a significant blockchain demographic, namely Finland, Norway, Switzerland and Canada.

“We will then open up to new jurisdictions over time as we learn from a managed go-live process, giving more and more players access to the only provably fair gambling experience on offer.

“In the medium term, we’ll also be looking to add to our Curacao licence, and with constructive discussions ongoing with other regulators in Gibraltar and Malta, we hope to deploy CasinoFair and other partner casinos in as many of the major global gambling hubs as possible.”

CB: Recently, the launch of FunPass took place, how does utilising blockchain technology allow for an improved registration future?

JS: “FunPass is game changing for player registration and KYC procedures when looking at the wider gambling industry. With it, players need only sign-up once to access each and every FunFair-powered casino.

“…players can hop seamlessly between FunFair’s casino partners…”

“There’s no need for long, intrusive registration processes which require unnecessary information, which the casino is then entrusted to hold responsibly.

“Instead, players provide a proof of address, which is verified by our identity platform Yoti, and this is linked to their unique crypto wallet, with the ensuing FunPass then hashed to the blockchain, with only basic and legally necessary information held on private servers.

“This means players can hop seamlessly between FunFair’s casino partners, with each verifying the previously-acquired FunPass from the blockchain, opening up a more flexible world of fair gaming for all.

“The FunPass road-map will also look to integrate directly into wider self-exclusion schemes, allow for deposit and loss limits and could feasibly have the scope to work across a variety of functions and industries.”

CB: What are the short and medium term goals for both FunFair and CasinoFair?

JS: “Short-term certainly isn’t our mentality for either the FunFair platform, or the wider white-label service which CasinoFair demonstrates the first generation of.

“However, CasinoFair will be looking to build on the successful launch, with a greater understanding of player behaviour and the reporting and bonusing facilities required of it.

“We’ll also look to port as many of the existing FunFair community to CasinoFair’s own, and ramp up its marketing presence across the board, both targeted at individual territories and with a wider view going forward.

“At FunFair, it’s business as usual as we continue to improve the platform and its user journey, expanding the games library, all while working in-house and with various partners to ensure greater functionality, and so making it easier for mass adoption.”