Malta-based gaming content supplier Tom Horn Gaming has begun 2019 where it left off the previous year, with deals alongside Balkan Bet and added to most recently via SBTech and Trada Casino.

In a bustling environment competing for market share can be an arduous effort, Ondrej Lapides, CEO at Tom Horn Gaming, talks through the extensive slot production process, how to stand out and the importance of selecting the correct partnerships.  

CasinoBeats: Tom Horn has completed a number of deals in recent times, what appeals to yourselves about an operator with whom you may partner?

Ondrej Lapides: There are several factors at play here. Before we decide to enter any new market or engage in collaboration with any operator, we always do the groundwork to better understand the peculiarities and challenges of particular markets, requirements of operators or demands of players.

We’re always looking to unlock growth and potential”

For Tom Horn, one of the core priorities in negotiating new partnerships, is always collaborating and maintaining a continual dialogue with operators in order to find the optimal solution, that would increase the performance of their acquisition and retention strategies for their operations and ultimately boost revenues for all parties involved.

By the same token, we always aim to enhance visibility of the Tom Horn brand, positioning ourselves as a market leader that provides gaming solutions that are not only innovative and engaging, but also fair and compliant with requirements of the most stringent jurisdictions. We make sure we’re on the same page with potential partners, and share the same values in terms of offering a safe and transparent gaming experience to players.

CB: As part of a global growth strategy how important is to to gain agreements within new jurisdictions? As well as enhancing presence in those where you are already visible?

OL: We’re always looking to unlock growth and potential from a range of regulated and newly regulated markets. At Tom Horn we’ve been working tirelessly to identify new opportunities, including soon-to-be regulated markets. From our experience, tapping a new market is not enough and one must constantly work to enhance its presence.

Product development is critical to our success”

We’re well equipped to provide a rich portfolio of titles that appeals to various demographics in various markets, and we have many interesting deals in the pipeline.

CB: What stands out titles offered by Tom Horn Gaming as opposed to those on offer from other content developers?

OL: Product development is critical to our success. The competition in the igaming industry is fierce and we cannot rest on our laurels, otherwise we are out of the equation.

Game development is about continuous research of new technologies, ideas and we take this very seriously. We’re constantly pushing the boundaries beyond a current definition of the casino games vertical, trying to bring to the fore new exciting and different titles that would shake things up a bit.

From the very beginning our games are designed with player needs and preferences in mind, and this approach is an important part of our strategy and the reason why the Tom Horn games are so popular among players.

We have to be continuously moving on, innovating, finding new synergies”

On the other hand, we also listen carefully to what operators want and how they could benefit from our products. A perfect casino game is an equilibrium of various elements that must exist and work in perfect harmony to deliver an exciting entertainment.

CB: How extensive is the process of introducing a new slot, from initial idea through to launch? How difficult is it in an increasingly saturated market?

OL: To differentiate from the competition, suppliers have to come up with titles that boast new thrilling features, new mechanics, or entirely new game concepts that bring a special twist to the casino games vertical.

We have to be continuously moving on, innovating, finding new synergies. To put it bluntly, you have to come up with something new all the time to attract players and cause a bit of a stir. Gone water doesn’t mill anymore and this is especially true for the igaming industry.

The game development, from the initial idea through various stages of game design to a successful final product, is a complex process that involves a wide range of gaming professionals. We make sure to work with the best experts in the industry to deliver high quality casino games.

CB: What are your ambitions for the company throughout 2019?

OL: 2018 was a landmark year for Tom Horn Gaming. We signed partnership deals with an array of tier-one customers and expended in regulated markets.

We are always setting ourselves new challenges as a brand in terms of growth and revenues and 2019 will be no difference. Our highly experienced team will continue to create titles that enjoy positive reviews from players and operators.

We will strengthen our presence in regulated markets, expecting more high profile operators and distribution platforms to go live as we continue to keep up the momentum.