Darrel Rade takes CasinoBeats’ readers through a different types of online slots players – how they play and what they enjoy

Online casinos are popping up left and right, as the market keeps growing and more and more players are drawn to the appeal of online slots, roulette, baccarat and craps.

While gambling online can be a surprisingly refreshing and convenient experience when compared to visiting a land-based casino, sometimes the sheer variety of games on offer can be overwhelming.

This is especially true when it comes to online slots, which are among the most popular choices alongside blackjack and poker. With so many great online slot titles out there, how do players choose which one is the best for them? It really depends what type of player you are!

The Straightforward Gamer

Online slots are known for their user-friendly layout and are, as a rule, easy to grasp, so if you like a straightforward gambling experience, you can’t really go wrong with slots.

But if you want to take it to the next level, choose an online casino that is known for allowing punters as much wiggle room as you can get – like PlayOJO slots.

While PlayOJO has received prestigious awards such as Casino Operator of the Year at the iGaming Awards, what makes it very popular among casino players is that it offers a gambling experience with no wagering requirements, unlike most other casinos out there. There are no hidden rules – what you earn is yours to keep.

The One Who Wants It All

If you like change and want to get just a small taste of everything before you move on, do
yourself a favour and go for a slot site that features a vast library of slot games.

That way, you can easily move on to the next title if you are getting even slightly bored. One option – to do this in as hassle-free a way as possible – is to choose a provider that offers a lot of bonuses, like free spins.

This essentially means that you can try out slot games for free – and get to keep your winnings if you hit the jackpot.

Many online casinos provide newcomers with free spins but also watch out for seasonal offers. Sometimes slot games that feature a specific theme – like Halloween or Christmas – offer free spins when it is that time of the year, which means more gaming for free.

The Hardcore Fan

There are many online gamers that like to combine their broader interests with the games
they play – and online casino players are no exception.

There is no better evidence for that than the impressive number of online slot games that revolve around a pop culture theme.

Regardless of whether you are a Game of Thrones enthusiast or a Marvel fanatic that follows every new Avengers movie religiously, there is bound to be a slot game that will move you.

Playing slots where wild and scatter symbols are inspired by your favourite characters
can make you have much more fun than, say, choosing a classic three-reel slot – so why not try it?

The Smartphone Enthusiast

Smartphones have taken over almost every aspect of our lives. In 2018, smartphone users were estimated to be more than 3 billion, and the figure is expected to climb to a whopping 3.8 billion by 2021.

Meanwhile, app revenue reached $92.1bn in 2018, with 76 per cent of that – or roughly $70bn – spent on mobile games. Mobile casino games are no exception: if you are an avid smartphone user and prefer mobile games, you can easily find mobile slot games and download dedicated online casino apps to gamble on the go.

With so much variety, finding the perfect online slot game is not hard – but you must know
what you are looking for.