US casino and resorts organisation Las Vegas Sands has honoured 12 recipients of its Sands Cares Citizenship Award, selected by a team of executives across the various regions in which the company conducts its operations.

The award was established to recognise team members from a variety of jurisdictions, who have demonstrated a dedication and commitment to giving back to unique charitable causes within their local communities.

Furthermore, it also aims “to honour the Adelson family’s long-term commitment to philanthropy, and the legacy of giving they have instilled within the organisation”.

Contributions from the 12 Sands Cares Heroes of the Year see a number of good deeds undertaken, from preparing meals for homeless shelters and soup kitchens, working as a camp counsellor for children living with cancer, sickle cell and other childhood illnesses and participating in hygiene kit builds with Clean the World.

The recipients of the awards, and location in which they operate for Las Vegas Sands, are:

  • Bethlehem: Andrew Graffis, Jeanne Hagen and Preeya Patel
  • Las Vegas: Deangela Clemons, Eve Gizelbach and Julio Meza
  • Macao: Leong Ka Hou, Kun Sok Fong and Lam Kam Hang
  • Singapore: Tiffany Lim, Ailynn Seah and Pang Anqi

Rob Goldstein, president and chief operating officer of Las Vegas Sands, stated: “These exceptional team members personify the values and commitment to philanthropy that the Adelson family has instilled within our organisation.

“We were honored to celebrate the culture and spirit of giving at this year’s Sands Cares Heroes of the Year awards ceremony.

“The evening was such a testament to the amazing contributions and impact that these individuals have had in their own communities.”

Earlier this month Las Vegas Sands published its financial report for the first quarter of the year, within which a strong performance in Macau helped the company secure a 1.9 per cent increase in net revenue to $3.65bn, compared to $3.58bn in 2018.