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Online casino operator, Twin, has strengthened its existing relationship with CRM platform provider, Fast Track, after agreeing to use it’s Business Intelligence platform.

The strengthened deal follows an agreement penned back in January, and will allow Twin to access the Business Intelligence platform’s powerful data science and visualisation solution.

Marcin Jablonski, chief brand officer at Twin, added: “We have been really impressed with FAST TRACK’s CRM platform, so it made sense to extend our relationship to include its Business Intelligence solution.

“We believe being able to access trends and stats in real-time will give us the ability to stay ahead of the game, and Fast Track’s data science models means we can get actionable insights out of the box.”

The Business Intelligence platform will give operators the chance to monitor real-time trends via a unique segmentation model which includes the ability to review player sessions, and predict future player behaviour and value, via a huge range of dashboards that display various KPIs.

Simon Lidzén, CEO of Fast Track, said: “We are delighted to have built on our successful partnership with Twin and now provide the operator with Fast Track BI.

“This will allow Twin to follow trends and statistical data in real-time, meaning they can react quickly and with confidence to what the stats are telling them.

“The fact that Twin has extended its relationship with us shows that our products and services are second to none and that they are helping operators to improve engagement and drive growth.”