At G2E Asia in Macau next week, QTech Games will be showcasing its recently launched QT Tournament tool.


“Heading to the forthcoming summit in Macau for G2E Asia, and responding to market demands, QTech Games has recently launched QT Tournament to immediate acclaim.”


The promotional tool provides an industry-first for a platform, enabling any operator can make its own tournaments by drawing from the deep well of QTech’s entire portfolio of products. Alternatively, and more specifically, operators can also select specific games or studios which they want to promote.

QT Tournament is being rolled out with operators across Asia and Europe to begin with, after its first 10-day tournament back in mid-March saw 122 different brands (operator sites) from 16 clients taking part in an event which employed games from Blueprint Gaming and Snowborn Games.

The tournament gave participating players points for various plays, wins et al, competing for a prize pool of $10,000.


“One the beauties of this tool is that the player sees their score and position displayed on the screen via our unique leaderboard widget, meaning they never have to return to the homepage to view their live status in the competition. It pulls the ripcord on operator engagement levels by dramatically improving player dwell-time and repeat plays as they
chase a jaw-dropping tournament-winning payout.

“QT Tournament can be configured as an open leaderboard promotion for everyone, or can be modified to specific games or providers only. We provide the public promotion page and
accompanying leaderboard for every promotion, and then this highly-flexible tool gives you total control as to how you want to run the promotion. The adoption rate and general interest from operators has already been hugely encouraging. Indeed, their combined marketing of the tournament via promo pages, online news feeds and social media recommendations acts as a welcome endorsement,” – Markus Nasholm, Global CEO


Such testimony was readily evidenced by the ensuing operator figures, which demonstrated that unique-player numbers had increased by some 40 per cent during the QT Tournament campaign, compared to the previous 10-day period of activity.

While perhaps the most telling factor was that, in the 10 days post-tournament, this increased player activity remained at a 20 per cent higher level than in the days prior to the tournament.

The next big tournament, sponsored by Habanero, gets underway this week (running to May 24) and has attracted 140 operator participants. It will provide another compelling test case for the ramping retention capabilities of this new tool.


QTech Games boasts a broad gaming portfolio, localised for each Asian region, with
native mobile apps, powerful reporting and marketing tools, and 24/7 local-language support.