The Malta Gaming Authority has entered into a further memorandum of understanding, after aligning with the Mediterranean archipelago’s police force, which has come into effect this week.

It is stated that the deepened agreement has come to effect in order to best improve the effectiveness of their cooperation, in addition to enhancing the exchange of information with regards to gaming operations.

Lawrence Cutajar, commissioner of the Maltese police, said of the MoU: “In an ever-changing complex world, policing has become more challenging, necessitating the establishment of solid partnerships with other government agencies and NGOs as well as with society in general, this in order to ensure effective law enforcement throughout.

“The signing of this MOU with the MGA is one in a string of initiatives which the Malta Police Force under my charge has embarked upon over the past months, aimed at combating criminality in general, whilst it goes to show our strong commitment to tackle two of the most challenging crime categories, namely financial and computer-related crime’’.

One of the main aims of the deepened partnership is to consolidate undertakings in combating gaming related offences, such as those where individuals are involved in joint operations requiring the seizure of objects and other illegal gaming activities.  

This could include assisting in the prosecution of the aforementioned illegal activities, and any other investigative requirements.

Heathcliff Farrugia, MGA chief executive officer, hailed the deal as a further important milestone, following a similar such agreement entered alongside its Swedish counterpart earlier this year: “This Memorandum of Understanding will continue to strengthen the good relationship there is between the MGA and the MPF.

“Apart from having a closer collaboration, through this MOU, both parties are also agreeing to share their respective knowledge and to formally provide technical training to each other. This agreement is testament to the ongoing efforts of the two entities in continuing their fight against illegal gaming activities in Malta’’.