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The All-In Diversity Project has aligned with business standards organisation BSI, as it strives to develop and establish a workplace equality code of practice.

Intending to be used on a global basis, the ambition of the BSI publicly available specification is to provide a framework and processes that all business sectors would be able to follow to support an inclusive workplace culture and environment.

The industry not-for-profit initiative stresses that despite several international and localised measures referenced to promote such issues, progression can only be attained if a business has a framework that provides recommendations on implementing change in a manner supporting its objectives.

Dr Scott Steedman, director of standards at BSI, commented: “Many organisations are looking at ways to improve equality and diversity in their workplace. The aim of this PAS is to provide a framework so organisations can give every individual the chance to achieve their potential, free from prejudice and discrimination.”

It is expected that a number of global company’s are to become involved in the consensus building process to develop the code of practice.

Furthermore, following publication the All-In Diversity Project is to continue working with BSI, as it strives to develop the PSA into an ISO standard for diversity, equality and inclusion in the workplace.

A spokesperson for the group issues the following open invitation: “This is not about us, the UK or the west imposing it’s values on the rest of the world, but working with and collaborating with the world to produce a code of practice which allows any company, or entity, in any industry or sector, anywhere in the world to start to build out a framework for organisation and workplace diversity, equality and inclusion in accordance with the cultural, social, religious, legal and political environment in which they operate.”