Caesars Entertainment has lauded a “decade of positive impact” after the firm released its tenth annual corporate social responsibility report titled ‘People Planet Play’.

Hailing “many achievements in corporate social responsibility,” including a 30-year commitment to responsible gaming and employee volunteer time equivalent to in excess of $55m, the new report covers six key areas where the firm believes progress has been made throughout 2018/19.

These look into leadership in responsible business, diversity, equality and inclusion, workplace excellence, protecting the planet, inspired exceptional guest experience and company governance.

“Caesars Entertainment has tens-of-thousands of dedicated employees who, with their sustained focus on corporate social responsibility, have accomplished a lot over the last ten years,” commented Tony Rodio, CEO of Caesars Entertainment.

“I could not be prouder to lead a company that consistently makes a positive difference for our team members, our guests, our communities, and to our bottom line.”

Furthermore, Caesars also address “ten years of cumulative progress” in more detail, with 2,214,685 volunteer hours recorded, equalling more than a thousand full-time workers for a year, and over $743m donated in charitable contributions.

Furthermore, it also stresses that 7,680,796,000 gallons of water has been saved or avoided, the equivalent of filling nearly 12,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools, 2,234,000 megawatt-hours of energy has been saved, equalling the average annual use of nearly 208,000 homes and 2,091,000 saved metric tons of greenhouse gases, the equivalent to emissions from more than 444,000 passenger cars driven for a full year.

Radio added: “One way we make a difference is by being an employer of choice, where local residents with diverse backgrounds and work experiences can build successful, long-term careers.

“The taxes we pay to government entities, as well as the taxes paid by our team members, help our host communities thrive and build an even better future. Our team members are active in their hometowns and regions, with company encouragement and support, and are making big differences in the charitable and social activities they support.

“Caesars also partners with local non-profit organisations doing outstanding work to improve the lives of the people they serve. All of us at Caesars are proud to make positive contributions year-after-year to the well-being of our host communities.

“Beyond that, we are committed to addressing significant sustainability challenges. We have a record of continual improvement in addressing environmental issues, such as mitigating climate change by reducing energy consumption and by working to reduce water use and food waste across a range of initiatives.

“We’ve become active on broader social issues such as homelessness and human trafficking, where we can help the most vulnerable members of society.”