Undertaking a significant upgrade last month, MyChance placed retention and rewards at the core of a renewed focus as the firm sets an ambition of delivering “even more value” to customers.

Coinciding with the revamp was a mission statement stipulated from from day one of giving back to players and providing them with the best possible online casino experience in the market.

Striving to provide “a modern, sleek, look and feel,” MyChance has also added a number of personalisation and gamification features through the redesign at it seeks to drive retention.

With this mind, Eric Holmberg, CEO of MyChance, spoke to CasinoBeats about how driving personalisation is key to ensuring increased loyalty, and why it was a route pursued via the rebrand: “Our goal with MyChance is to always give players more chances to win.

“With our new loyalty system, players now earn points for undertaking a range of activities across the casino and can also collect clover coins which can be used to purchase items such as free spins in the store,” he says.

“This is a huge step forward in terms of user experience and personalisation, and takes us closer to our ultimate goal of allowing players to tailor MyChance to meet their individual wants and needs.” 

Moving on to address the aforementioned loyalty scheme: “In short, players collect clover coins and points to level up, unlock exclusive offers and rewards, shop discounts and other VIP perks. In addition to this, we now offer casino races for the first time. 

“These slot tournaments run 24 hours a day, seven days a week and allow players to win bonuses, free spins and clover coins. Players can also earn clover coins on other activities including on every deposit they make and for every €50 wagered.

We take responsible gambling very seriously and go to great lengths to protect our players”

“We want to give our players more chances to win and reward them for spending time with us. Each month, they have the opportunity to compete for fantastic rewards just by undertaking simple actions that we call ‘chances’. This can be to make a deposit, play a specific game or win a race.”

With player preferences differing from region to region, the necessity to know your player in a targeted jurisdiction and being able to tailor an offering accordingly could also be a deciding factor in achieving success.

“We are able to set up specific offers/tasks for individual markets and we can also localise our casino races,” Holmberg states.

“The new MyChance product is very flexible and our goal is to offer an entirely bespoke online casino experience to players in our target markets.” 

Adding on what areas are on the MyChance radar following last month’s rebrand completion: “We are targeting NZ/CA/FI/NO/DE/IN. We have chosen these markets because we have a big network of affiliates and partners active in these jurisdictions which will help us drive new player sign ups. 

“We also see huge potential to establish our brand as the market leader in these countries as they are less saturated than markets such as the UK.”

To conclude, and coming in the aftermath of Responsible Gambling Week 2019, Holmberg spoke of safety nets implemented in case players begin to gamble dangerously in order to level up and complete such tasks: “We allow players to set limits upon registration and at any time via their account section to ensure they stay in control of their play. We take responsible gambling very seriously and go to great lengths to protect our players.”