Online gaming blockchain DAOBet has followed a series of improvements and a rebranding process with the launch of DAOBet mainnet.

The DAOBet mainnet is capable of providing exceptional transaction speeds with just 0.1 latency supporting up to 3,000 operations per second.

Mainnet uses the latest algorithms, namely RANDPA, developed specifically for the DAOBet blockchain, and offers “impregnable security,” with up to 100 validators required. It also offers users and game developers the tools and resources needed to deploying games to the platform with minimum effort.

The newly rebranded DAOGroup ecosystem includes all four of its main products: DAOBet,
DAOPlatform, DAOWallet, and DAOGames.

A spokesperson said: “As the names suggest, the unification covers a comprehensive online gambling offer – starting from a platform that allows lightning-fast transactions with zero fees, all backed by the tools and resources needed to develop and deploy a new game to the said platform, and withdraw paybacks at a moment’s notice both by the gambler and the game developer/owner.

“But the rebranding is not just for the name’s sake, since DAOBet was known as
DAO.Casino in the past. For some, it was associated with online casinos. The ecosystem strives to be bigger than that, to be a perfect platform for all kinds of online and crypto gambling games and, of course, to transcend the ‘just an online casino’ reputation.

“The idea of the DAOGroup team is not just to become a ‘bigger and better online casino’, but to provide the very best gambling experience for everyone involved the way the industry needs now.”