Third-party development programme initiatives are becoming increasingly more common throughout the igaming world, with Blueprint Gaming becoming the latest to launch its own such operation.

Aiming to bring “a new wave of innovation to the global gaming industry,” the initiative allows independent game studios the opportunity of releasing their content through Blueprint’s RGS platform.

BB Games has become the first organisation to align itself with the new venture, as Blueprint strives to open the door to a “highly competitive” marketplace, as well as allowing studios to reach a wider audience via access to the company’s operator and player networks.

“The strong demand from operators for a constant flow of fresh and innovative games means that game studios are now looking outside of their own in-house development team to find new concepts,” Jo Purvis, director of marketing and relationships at Blueprint Gaming, states on why such initiatives are becoming increasingly more commonplace in igaming.

“Blueprint Gaming released over 50 new games into the marketplace in 2019 and keeping this rate of production requires huge resources. Launching this new programme will allow us to collaborate with other independent studios and utilise their talented and experienced staff, while in return providing them with entry to the marketplace through our advanced technology.”

Sior Walbyoff, head of business development at Blueprint Gaming, added: “There are plenty of games studios that are hungry to expand the reach of their content into new jurisdictions and enlisting the help of a third-party can help them make the cut in this compacted market. 

“We’ve already had a number of studios contact us in regards to working together”

“We’re using our solid market position and widely integrated RGS to offer the opportunity for smaller studios and new start-ups to get their games in front of a global audience for the first time, something which is becoming increasingly difficult with the trend of operators buying up game studios for exclusive content rights. Staying independent from the operators means we can forge our own path and work with all the major global players.”

With differentiation such a key focus across the sector, Purvis moved on to explain what sets Blueprint out from similar such initiatives on offer from competitors: “Collaboration is a key factor for our initiative. We’re not looking to monopolise the deals and simply take games from a smaller studio for our own benefit. For us, it’s all about giving talented individuals a platform to showcase their innovative concepts.

“That’s why we’re inviting more studios within the online and retail space to put forward their ideas, as we look to drive expansion across the industry and bring a new wave of innovation to the casino sector.”

Continuing the topic of collaboration, how much liaison will Blueprint have with studios signing up, and what message would the firm send to those thinking of getting on-board. 

Walbyoff explained: “Blueprint Gaming is known for its flexible and agile approach, which means we can operate to our own tune. We believe this gives studios the confidence they will not be governed by us, but will have the opportunity to develop games their way and utilise our platform to gain exposure in the global igaming environment. 

“Since announcing the launch of our new programme, we’ve already had a number of studios contact us in regards to working together, showing that demand to be a part of this initiative will not let up any time soon.”

Only the best ideas will be given the helping hand to reach the game lobbies of our operating partners”

As Purvis stressed excitement at the opportunities that could lie ahead: “We’re looking to work alongside these studios, not dictate to them. Their innovative ideas and input into future games and features will provide a solid sounding board for Blueprint. 

“Every new idea and concept that goes into a new release through our RGS must still reach the highest standards set by Blueprint, and must invoke our core values and honour our reputation. Only the best ideas will be given the helping hand to reach the game lobbies of our operating partners.”

When first revealing news of the link-up Jason Bradbury, BB Games CEO, commented that “I think the market will be pleasantly surprised with the inventive nature of this collaboration”.

Walbyoff concluded by discussing how the various link-ups inked as part of the initiative will help heighten innovation across igaming: “Innovation is happening across the industry and there are some super talented brains developing exciting new concepts that deserve a platform to get in front of players. 

“Our in-house team of designers are some of the best in the industry, with decades of experience and knowledge from all corners of gambling, but to expect them to come up with the next big thing all the time is unfair. This initiative allows our team to collaborate with other savvy designers.”