Influences come in many shapes and sizes and from a variety of sources, with even, what seems on the surface, the smallest incident able to have a profound affect on the character and development of individuals.

Those in igaming are undoubtedly no different, but one segment whose reach throughout the sector can’t be denied concerns the many generations of video games platforms and the seemingly unending spin-offs that ensue.

The early successes of Atari, development of Nintendo and today’s all too often PlayStation/Xbox debates have spawned an endless supply of entertainment, from board games to the thousands of apps many now have at their finger tips, and everything in between, also contributing.

In a new series CasinoBeats is asking those across the industry to elaborate on their own gaming influences, beginning with Tetiana Shumakova, product owner at Evoplay Entertainment.

World of Warcraft 

Why I love it

World of Warcraft is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), allowing a large group of people to simultaneously join in on the action. 

A hugely popular and well-known title, it has long been a personal favourite. The game encourages players to use real-time strategy, make fast decisions and adapt instantly to an ever-changing and immersive narrative. 

The game’s theme draws you into an intriguing new dimension, where creativity, lateral thinking and smart planning are all key to survival. It provides a gripping entertainment experience that persuaded me to pursue a career in gaming. 

Career influences 

Games like World of Warcraft played a big part in determining my choice of career, and to this day I am constantly finding professional applications for the lessons it taught me. 

As a product owner at Evoplay Entertainment, I particularly enjoy the creative control that my role entails as well as the wide variety of responsibilities I am entrusted with. Playing World of Warcraft has been key to my understanding me on the specifics of randomisation, in-game mechanics and events, customisation and PvP gameplay – knowledge that I have built on since and still use today. 

It is a privilege to have a job in which I can do the things that I love. I strive to give our players the same kind of immersive alternate reality that I have enjoyed so much in World of Warcraft. I especially like to think that our recent release, the industry’s first RPG-inspired slot game called Dungeon: Immortal Evil, does exactly that. 


Why I love it

Hearthstone is a digital trading collectible card game from Activision Blizzard, suitable for both beginners and experienced players. The game might be easy to learn, but mastering it is another thing altogether. 

The goal is to collect a group of cards that is stronger than your opponent’s. Cards are allocated randomly, but victory is entirely dependent on judgement, logic and strategy. To me, those are exactly the qualities that a game should encourage; that feeling of skill mixed with RNG. 

Career influences

Hearthstone contains several of my favourite features –player vs player, an immersive fantasy theme, and a wealth of rewards for shrewd strategy. The game taught me the value of planning, precise mathematical calculation and smart, logic-based predictions. These traits are just as important in my professional life as they are for Hearthstone. 

Indeed, playing a game that emphasises the significance of preparation, careful anticipation and staying ‘ahead of the game’ has been helpful to my career as a developer. We pride ourselves on creating products that are ahead of the curve; especially when it comes to bringing our video gaming influences into our development. Our offering appeals to new players by keeping closely attuned to the latest developments in technology, gaming and customer expectation – and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Dungeons and Dragons 

Why I love it

Dungeons & Dragons is an RPG board game that involves creating your own unique hero and acting out their character. Fantasy has always been my favourite genre, and Dungeons & Dragons is widely recognised as the original fantasy-themed experience. 

Improvisation, tactics and imagination are key – all essential ingredients in creating a game that people love. I was struck by the amazing new world into which the game transported me and wanted to design games that do the same for others. 

Career influences 

Analysing characters, implementing unpredictable in-game events and developing an engaging backstory are among the things that Dungeons & Dragons taught me. One thing about my job that I’m immensely grateful for is the creative licence: it’s just me, my imagination and the technology that brings it to life.  

Alongside my talented, hardworking team here at Evoplay Entertainment, my role is to assist in the development of premium quality table, instant and mini-games. We pride ourselves on giving players a more engrossing entertainment experience than they will find anywhere else on the market. In practice, that means creating the most inviting themes and characters in the industry, because genuinely fresh and innovative content is an essential part of appealing to new audiences. 

Having enjoyed Dungeons & Dragons as a lifelong hobby, I’ve become adept at designing storylines layered with depth and intrigue. It’s a big part of the company culture here – and it’s why our games go beyond the overused themes that continue to dominate today’s slot market. 

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