SBC Digital Summit: Watch Jesper Kärrbrink’s keynote presentation

One of the many highlights of this week’s inaugural SBC Digital Summit has been the quality of the keynotes each morning.

A presentation singled out for particular praise was Tuesday’s keynote from Jesper  Kärrbrink, executive chairman and creative director of Green Jade Games and a popular gaming executive well known for his time leading operator business including  Svenska Spel and Mr Green.

On day two of the Summit, Kärrbrink spoke passionately about the importance of leadership during the COVID-19 challenge currently facing the gaming industry – the keynote is now available to watch in full, above.

“It is about saving as many jobs as we possibly can,” said Kärrbrink. “We see that this crisis will have a huge impact on the world economy. Hopefully – I doubt it, but hopefully – politicians and bankers will work as focused and committed as doctors and nurses.”

“This is a perfect opportunity to put responsible gaming on top of the agenda, to show that we care

He also emphasised his belief that, for the gaming sector, these challenging times comes with added responsibility: “We know there are always people looking at this industry and today is probably the most important time to promote responsible gaming to the top of the agenda. We’ve seen what happened in Latvia, temporarily suspending gaming licences.

“We’ve seen the measures in Belgium and Portugal, last week the Swedish government came out with enforced regulations on deposit levels. This is happening, the more money we are making the easier it will be for them to implement restrictions like this.

“This is a perfect opportunity to put responsible gaming on top of the agenda to show that we care, to show that we take our responsibility and that we, at some point, look back on in a couple of years and see things we missed and what put us in this situation and that is very important.”

Kärrbrink went on to say that he believed the current situation could result in a new method of working due to increased efficiency in work being produced. “Is this the beginning of a new way of working?,” he asked?

Watch the full 24-minute SBC Digital Summit keynote from Jesper Kärrbrink now

The SBC Digital Summit runs from 27 April to 1 May 2020 and features seven conference tracks, a virtual exhibition and virtual networking lounges, attracting an estimated 10,000 delegates logging in from around the world.

There is still time to register for the final day’s content and networking opportunities, and gain on-demand access to all the week’s content, with company discounts available: