Live casino remains an important bridge for offline to online play, writes Pragmatic Play’s Lana Bleichyk (pictured), but replicating the same experience is no longer enough as the vertical’s big selling point should instead be how it differentiates from traditional games rooted in the land-based environment.

Live casino was already a vital element of the online gaming offering, with innovative games joining classic land-based staples to offer a unique experience. Gradually, due to advances in technology, live casino titles have been able to not only bring the land-based experience to players’ devices, but also add enhanced capabilities such as diverse camera angles, bet functionalities and sped-up gameplay. The role of live casino is not to replicate the land-based environment, but to offer a different, more immersive experience.

However, with the disruption of the land-based industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic, live casino has become an even more critical product to operators. With its role straddling the gap between land-based and online gameplay, live casino has filled a hole for players who couldn’t access their favourite casinos, thereby offering an interesting cross-sell opportunity for suppliers. 

Among the staple of live games are those that are rooted in land-based casinos globally. Similar to brick and mortar operators, roulette, baccarat and blackjack are a requirement for any live casino supplier. However, the vertical’s selling point revolves around how it can differentiate these products from traditional games. 

With mobile devices being more powerful than ever, players can now play hands of blackjack on the go, with features far exceeding those of the land-based experience. 4K cameras give players angles and clarity adding a whole new level of immersion to a live table, while professionally trained dealers allow for smooth, uninterrupted experiences. 

From fast-paced variants of classic titles, such as Speed Roulette and Speed Baccarat, to localised content which gives international players a homely feel to their betting experience, players desire more. Replicating the land-based experience is no longer enough. They want innovative games and quick-fire experiences that together offer something truly different. 

Live casino titles stimulate a player’s appetite through quality content and a batch of convenient features. From fun, quick-win games to more complex, skill-based casino titles, familiarity with verticals allows players to venture into a wider spread of products.

At Pragmatic Play, we are dedicated to creating live casino titles that encompass all tastes, from the traditional player who enjoys all the elation of land-based casinos to the mobile-first player who likes to play on the go. While tastes and preferences vary, Pragmatic Play aims to cater for all. This has seen the expansion of our live offering with innovative titles, such as our most recent release Mega Sic Bo, alongside our classic games.

With appetites for new content ever-growing, it is our job as suppliers to offer the products that operators want for their players. Our Mega Sic Bo title is a modern variant of the traditional Chinese table game, played with three dice.

With 52 betting positions, the game already offers plenty of enjoyment, but we have taken it to the next level with Mega Multipliers. By adding this thrilling element, players can now win up to 1,000x their stake, leading to Mega Wins.

By taking a title that already has fans across the globe, and adding an element of our slot titles, we have brought a whole new facet to table games. 

Live casino has a significant opportunity for growth as we enter a period of the ‘new normal’. For those who want to enjoy casino classics from the comfort of their own home or fancy a game of oulette on their mobile device, to those looking to try out exciting new products without having to leave their house, live casino has everything to offer.